10 things that you may not know about Edge of Tomorrow


With Edge of Tomorrow currently filling up cinemas screens nationwide with ExoSuit action, we here at MCM Buzz have compiled a top ten list of facts that you might not know about this sci fi blockbuster starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

10) The movie was shot on 1,000,000+ feet of film for all of principal photography!

9) 71 policeman were used to help “lock-down” Trafalgar Square for filming the helicopter landing scene in the movie that takes place in this iconic part of London.

8) At the start of the movie’s production it took the actors 10 minutes to get in to their ExoSuits. However by the end of the shoot this time had been whittled down to under a minute!

7) It took the production team 4 months and 1300 tons of sand to transform a field at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden into a beach reminiscent of Normandy.

6) Each day the art department cast 650 ExoSuit components in order to keep up with the demands of wear and tear on the suits during filming.

5) In order to help create the world seen in the movie, over 4,700 concept illustrations were created by the movie’s concept artists.

4) It took 1 year of research and development to design and create the ExoSuits used in the movie.

3) It took only 5 months to film principal photography for the movie!

2) Each of the ExoSuits worn by the actors weighed over 60lbs!

1) The filming and landing of the helicopter in Trafalgar Square was the first time ever that a helicopter had landed there. This landing which featured the movie’s star Tom Cruise and a team of Royal Air Force pilots was done 12 times, just to make sure it looked right on screen.

Well there you have it, ten things that you may not have known about Edge of Tomorrow. If this list has left you curious then you can head to your local cinema now to see the movie and also check out our review of the film too.

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