Bedlam FPS reveals female lead. Meet Athena!

The new face of first person shooters

The new face of first person shooters

UK video game developers RedBedlam revealed today that the Bedlam video game will spin the first person shooter stereotype of the male jacked up, pun dropping meathead by going with a female lead, scientist Heather Quinn aka Athena.

She clearly enjoys a good MCM Expo!

She clearly enjoys a good MCM Expo!

The game is based on the 2013 sci-fi novel from acclaimed Scottish author Christopher Brookmyre, where the lead character was a male scientist named Ross Baker. In the game the lead is Athena, a colleague of Ross who finds herself in the 1990s shooter Starfire.

She’s described as a gamer and sci-fi fan who offers a fresh perspective of the “gameverse” that the player will explore. She can be clearly related to from the artwork revealing her as a cosplaying con-goer posing as Doctor Who with a Stormtrooper.

“The average FPS protagonist is a testosterone-addled sociopath with all the endearing charm of a cornered honey badger,” said Christopher Brookmyre. “I thought we could prove that you don’t need balls to be ballsy. Players of both sexes will identify with Athena, because first and foremost she is a gamer herself. Women have been shamefully ignored by the FPS genre, so it seemed appropriate that we have an acerbic female perspective in a game that plays upon the evolution and conventions of the genre.”

Bedlam is expected to be released on Steam this summer. Brookmyre and RedBedlam are also planning a further two tie-in novels and more video games to support those, stating that their partnership is set to take the gaming world by storm, with a new direction in plot-driven game design.

For the latest screenshots and concept art for Bedlam please check out the gallery on the game’s website –


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