Butt Mode: the bumper jewel of Shovel Knight cheat codes


Released last week by Yacht Club Games through a well-backed Kickstarter campaign, Shovel Knight is already being heralded as one of the best games of 2014 so far.

Speaking to CVG, the California-based video game developer stated that the game release itself is merely a halfway point with content updates, more playable and customisable characters and a Gender Swap mode all in the pipeline. Indeed, Steam Community Discussion forums have been bustling with the release of over 300 cheat codes for the indie-developed game.

One particular cheat code that players can add to their booty will appeal to the 10 year old in everyone: Butt Mode.


When Butt Mode is activated, parts of the in-game dialogue  are replaced with the word ‘butt’. Such a silly and simple edit is sure to reduce many gamers to puerile giggles.

The wonder of Butt Mode can be activated by beginning a new game and enter your name as WSWWAEAW. To quickly dig your way to victory in Shovel Knight, a list of discovered cheat codes can be found here.

And here is the intro of Shovel Knight in glorious Butt Mode:

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