Oops! Google Street View camera captures eerie accidental museum selfies

The slow manoeuvre of caterpillar tracks across wastelands, the monotone hum of an inexhaustible engine, the sharp hiss of a hydraulics system. A lonely sentient robot trundles through the desolate streets of an unknown town. Out of curiosity, it enters museums and art galleries. Wandering through these buildings, it spies another robot. Could this be another like itself? It takes a photo; the other robot does the same. It takes another, why is the other robot doing exactly the same?

And then the robot realises. Eerieness

Seemingly straight from the cutting-room floor of the horror-dystopian sequel to Wall·E, this is actually the premise of a photography project by Spanish artist Mario Santamaría titled The Camera in the Mirror. The project is based on a series of photos where the indoor Google Street View camera accidentally catches its own reflection, sourced from the Google Art Project to create visual maps of the inside of museums. The device itself is a large metal case on wheels with a camera and a laptop built in. Sadly, it does have a human operator so it is not sentient…yet…

Check out more of the project on The Camera in the Mirror‘s Tumblr and more of Mario Santamaría‘s work on his website.

Sources: Gizmodo | The Camera in the Mirror


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