Subtitled teaser trailer for live action Fatal Frame film Zero

Fatal Frame (Zero) poster (one sheet)A subtitled version of the teaser trailer for Fatal Frame (Zero) has appeared on Kadokawa’s YouTube channel.

Written and directed by Mari Asato, the film is based on Eiji Ohtsuka’s novelisation of Tecmo’s video game series. The survival horror series (known across Europe as Project Zero) involves players vanquishing spirits by taking their pictures with an antique camera.

The film tells of student Aya Tsukimori (Ayami Nakajo), who becomes ‘cursed’, which leaves her confined to her school dormitory. Soon students start reporting that they are seeing ghosts at the school, while some students mysteriously end up vanishing. Aya soon meets with fellow student Michi Kazato (Aoi Morikawa), who is investigating the unusual happenings around the school.

The live action adaptation is the first of two upcoming Fatal Frame films, which is to coincide with the release of Fatal Frame V for the Wii U in Japan.

This teaser trailer originally appeared a few weeks ago with the news that the film would be released in Japan only. However, the appearance of this subtitled version would suggest that Kadokawa are looking at the possibility of an international release. The teaser also concludes with a special offer for those in Japan, for after buying your ticket to see the film you can also obtain a clear file with Fatal Frame pictures – one is a curious teaser poster for Fatal Frame V, which shows all the characters from the previous games as well as hinting a new character.

Fatal Frame (Zero) opens in Japan on 26 September 2014.


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