Frozen, She-Ra, Supernatural, Doctor Who and more exclusive collectibles announced for San Diego Comic Con!

Every year fans flock to San Diego Comic Con for a chance to see the star studded panels, meet their heroes and check out the awesome cosplay. They also have the opportunity to pick up some of the incredible exclusive items that the dealers have on offer at the event.

With everyone from 2000 AD to Adobe Photoshop offering a variety of limited edition offerings, it is no wonder that this side of the event has become a fan and indeed collector’s favourite. So what can you find at this year’s event? Well we have gathered a selection of our favourites from the hundreds of items on offer below for your viewing pleasure…

She-Ra Filmation Sword of Power letter opener SheRaLetterOpenerLimited to 1,000 pieces worldwide this item is available for a mere $20 (£11.68) and best of all you can pre-order it online and pick it up at the event. The item is being sold by Action Figure Express (Booth #3345) who have also stated that should they have any stock left after the event they will sell them via their online shop. Made of a sturdy zinc alloy it measures 7”H x 1.4”W x .3”D and features a gem just like the real sword. However unlike the real sword this one does not contain the power of Greyskull; that is sold separately.

Supernatural “Blade Runners” Variant Metallicar 1:64-Scale Die-cast car Supernatural Blade Runners Variant AAlmost as iconic as the characters themselves, the 1967 Chevrolet Impala has become a staple in the hit CW series Supernatural and this year thanks to (Booth#4735) in association with Greenlight Collectibles, you can own your very own Impala. Granted your version of the Impala is 1:64 the size of the original. But just like the one featured in the Season Nine episode, Blade Runners, yours too will come complete with an enochian warning that means, “Be Afraid, Your Queen,” scratched into the side. Also unlike the original yours will not cost the earth to own, as this one is a steal at $15 (£8.76). This also means that your queen/king won’t kill you for spending much on it, which probably would happen if you tried to buy a real one.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies-Smaug Scale T-shirt SDCC Smaug exclusive tee Available in sizes S – XXXL this maroon t-shirt available from Weta Workshop (Booth#3613) is designed to replicate the underbelly of everyone’s favourite and every dwarfs least favourite Tolkien dragon, Smaug. The shirt even comes complete with a missing scale. This shirt is a little more pricey however, with a $40 (£23.35) price tag. There is no comment from Weta as to whether you will get a message from Elven sweatshop workers on the shirt’s labels.

Doctor Who Pandorica Yahtzee Doctor Who Exclusive Yahtzee Probably one of the most intriguing and certainly unique items for sci-fi fans is this fully customised version of the classic dice game Yahtzee. Themed around Season Five finale, the game’s components feature a Pandorica stylized dice shaker, custom dice, score pad, pencil and rules. Available from both the USAopoly (Booth #1017) and BBC America (Booth #4129) booths, this unique piece of geekdom will only set you back $20 (£11.68), a small price to pay indeed for this cool item.

Doctor Who: T-Shirt: The Twelfth Doctor Costume SDCC14 DoctorWhoshirt If you are a Doctor Who fan who is no good at making costumes and would like to show your love for the latest iteration of the Timelords, then worry not as thanks to Titan Entertainment (Booth #5537) you can dress like the 12th Doctor with this great t-shirt. Played by Peter Capaldi, this t-shirt replicates the white shirt, sharp vest and crimson-lined jacketed look of the new doctor and costs only $23 (£13.43) which is surely cheaper than making it yourself and certainly less time consuming.

Pacific Rim “End Titles” Jaeger Action Figure 3-pack SDCC 2014 Exclusive Pacific Rim Let’s face it, since seeing Pacific Rim, everyone wants a Jaeger. Well now thanks to Neca (Booth #3145) you can own not one but THREE! The pack contains Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon and Striker Eureka. But sadly these Jaeger will not be much use to you in a battle with Kaijus as they are only 7” tall and are in fact only action figures. However these are not just any old action figures, as they are coloured black with a high gloss finish and have a glow-in-the-dark paint effect on their visors. The figures themselves are also positioned inside the box in the same formation as seen during the film’s credits. The box itself also features a background insert and printing on the acetate window that uses the same graphics created by Imaginary Forces that were used in the rendering of the end credit scene. Whilst this set is slightly costly at $60 (£35.03), when thinking about it, that means each figure is only $20 (£11.68). Looking at it that way, the price does not seem that bad after all.

Breaking Bad Walter White Vamanos Pest Outfit 6in Bobblehead Walter White Bobblehead SDCCjpg Lets face it, Breaking Bad was one of the most talked about shows during the last couple of years and as such has garnered a huge following. So it was no surprise that despite the show having ended, one or two companies would try to cash in on the remaining popularity at Comic Con this year. Once such item that is intent on doing that is this Walter White bobble head from Mezco Toyz (Booth #3445), which features White in the fan favourite Vamanos Pest suit. All the while he is standing on top of the blue crystals his ill gotten fortunes were built on. However, what is perhaps the most daunting thing about this bobblehead is that it manages to capture White’s stare and as such it is bound to be slightly intimidating when the head nods. Priced at $20 (£11.68) this item comes complete with an exclusive Vamonos Pest slip case.

Alien Egg Chamber ReAction Playset

alienplayset AlienPlaysetSDCC

Since this product was announced earlier this month, Alien fans and collectors alike have been counting down the days until they can head over to the Super7 x Funko booth (Booth #5245) and pick up one. Described as consisting of a detailed alien egg-covered base that is made of hand-cast resin and corrugated cardboard and a full-colour Alien Egg silo backdrop that slides into the base, this set looks to perfectly mimic the playsets of the 1970s. Sadly the ReAction figures to go with the set are sold separately, but with the company unveiling a new special edition Alien collection (the figures come inside detailed Alien eggs) at the event, it seems your playset will not be lacking the figures for very long. Packaged in a 1970s styled photobox, the playset is limited to only 250 pieces and each one is also numbered. It will set you back $100 (£58.38). Meanwhile the aforementioned special edition figures will be priced at $25 (£14.59) each and will be limited to four per person.

Olaf (Frozen), Elsa (Frozen), Anna (Frozen) special edition Funko’s toys!

Olaf from Frozen Funko Pop Elsa from Frozen Funko Pop Anna from Frozen Funko Pop

Funko have a massive range of 86 Comic-Con exclusives this year. This includes A Flocked Rocket Raccoon Pop (Guardians of the Galaxy), Purple Minion Pops, Glow in the Dark Adventure Time Pops, Vincent and Jules Pops (Pulp Fiction), Hannibal Lecter Pop (from the Hannibal TV series), A Buffy Summers Pop (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), A rumoured Sharknado Pop and many more. These three Frozen Pops feature a glow in the dark Olaf the snowman, Elsa and a special version of Anna who is depicted in her completely frozen form. These and all the special edition Pops will be available from the Funko booth (Booth #5343) and are expected to retail at around $15 (£8.76) each, a price which will surely see attendees let their money go (yes, I went there).

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Limited Edition Legacy Dragon Dagger

dragon-dagger-01 dragon-dagger-03

With the series now in its 21st year, it is no surprise that we are seeing more and more merchandise spring up for this series, but that said, this is one of the coolest in recent years. Based on the dagger used in the series by Green Ranger Tommy Oliver (played by Jason David Frank), this full-sized dagger is made of gold plated die-cast parts, is highly detailed and even plays sounds from the original series when the flutes keys are pressed. Oh, and did we mention that when you press your finger or mouth on to the mouthpiece, the dagger summons the Dragonzord? Okay, it doesn’t actually summon one, but it does play the tune familiar to fans of the show. The dagger comes packaged in an exclusive holder and black collector’s box and is limited to only 1,000 pieces for the whole event, with restricted numbers being sold each day. The dagger is available from the Bandai America booth (Booth #121) and will cost $150 (£87.56), a bargain even if it doesn’t summon a Dragonzord!

And finally…….

The Stan Lee talking plush! Stan-Lee-PlushThat’s right true believers, fans can finally own their very own Stan Lee! This plush is being sold by Factory Entertainment (Booth #2747) and is 16” tall, features six specially recorded phrases from the man himself  and is even styled to look exactly like the generalismo himself. Limited to only 500 pieces, fans can buy one of two versions – the $45 Limited Edition version or the $100 special Signature Edition which comes complete with an autograph signed by the man himself. Pre-orders are available now on the company’s website and the plushes will not be shipped to those buying them online until August, meaning that those attending the San Diego Comic Con will get them several weeks before the rest of the world. Oh, and we almost forgot, if you want to hear one of the phrases click play below!

Well there you have it, just a few of the many exclusives that will be available at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Whilst we rush off to try and raise enough money to purchase our favourites, let us know which one you would like to buy in the comments below.

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