Block B and Vixx give their greetings for German K-Culture Festival


With only two months to go before the K-Culture Festival in Germany, fans have been eagerly awaiting the last greeting messages from the remaining idols Block B and Vixx. Previously greeting messages from Mblaq, Ailee, Got7 and BTOB have been shared showing the excitement of all the idols at the prospect of performing for European fans. Now in the run up to the festival day, two very excitable greeting videos have been shared by the last remaining groups.

First up is Block B, dressed in formal attire the members Zico, P.O, Taeil, B-Bomb, Jaehyo, U-kwon and Kyung show their excitement and personalities with their greeting and the announcement of them attending the K-Culture Festival. With the help of European fans who voted Block B as one of the top three K-pop artists they wanted to see at the K-culture Festival, the boys seemed over the moon knowing that they had such a large fanbase within Europe.

Next up is VIXX and this would be their second time coming to Germany after their showcase concert in Berlin. They all seem excited to explore a new area of Germany and to reach out to more of their European fans. This will also be the first time European fans will get to see N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk perform their newest song “Eternity” on stage. With VIXX bringing the last of the greetings for the festival all fans can do now is buy their tickets and wait patiently for one of the best K-pop themed nights to hit Europe.

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