New X-Wing design for Star Wars Episode VII revealed by J.J Abrams


It has been two months since J.J Abrams first took to YouTube to announce that fans could win a cameo in the next Star Wars movie via the Star Wars: Force for Change project. Since then the fans have been pledging away for the chance to (amongst other things) shoot a scene for Star Wars: Episode VIII. With the fundraiser now entering its final week, Abrams took to YouTube once again to announce that all of those who pledge during this final week will also be in with a chance of winning an advanced screening of the movie at a local cinema for them and 20 friends.

But that was not all.  During the video Abrams was standing in front of the new design for the classic X-Wing fighter, making this the first official look at what is doubtless to be one of many of the new ships in the movie. Apart from looking like the X-Wing’s cooler younger brother, the fighter seems to be a bit banged up, which potentially could indicate that it has taken part in a battle of some sort. Also interesting is that towards the end of the video we are treated to a glimpse of the pilot of the X-Wing and fans of the franchise may note that he appears to be wearing what looks like the classic orange flight suit that was worn in the original trilogy.

The video stirred debate amongst fans that the ship could also be a Z-95 Headhunter, which prompted LucasFilm to take to Twitter and confirm that the ship is indeed an X-Wing.


The video can be seen below and fans can sign up to be in with a chance to win by visiting here. Suffice to say, with well over a million dollars being raised so far for UNICEF by fans in over 119 countries, we would not be surprised to see future campaigns like this from the franchise and also one more video when the campaign closes later this week.

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