Game of Thrones Panel at MCM Manchester Comic Con


This year MCM Manchester Comic Con was delighted to welcome James Cosmo and Ross Mullan, with the two hosting a Game of Thrones panel. James Cosmo is a veteran of acting with roles dating back to the 1960s. Ross Mullan is mostly known for his roles that require heavy make-up such as one of the Silence in Doctor Who (and another monster in the next series). But it was their roles as Jeor Mormont (Cosmo) and the White Walker (Mullan) that they were here to discuss.

One thing that was obvious from the very start was their enormous respect for the show as a whole and it’s very obvious that this is something they enjoy watching just as much as they enjoyed taking part. James Cosmo said he was a fan of Peter Dinklage especially and was just in awe of the work the man had done playing the role of Tyrion.

“Peter has done such an astonishingly good job of that (character) that I can only stand back in admiration.” – James Cosmo

Ross Mullan revealed his fondness for dragons and when asked what other role he would play, if anything was possible, his answer was Daenerys the Mother of Dragons. Although his answer might have been swayed by the idea of working somewhere nice and warm! Because of course, being a White Walker typically means hanging out in the cooler parts of Westeros.


Getting to hear Ross Mullan explain how he works with prosthetics was really fascinating. He explained how he took part in something called “mask theatre” for four years. The work there involved wearing still masks and so he learned to act by thinking how his body should be moving to interpret the story.

“I’ve always been working in the area of animating the in-animate.” – Ross Mullan.

10488115_750053541711379_353610770441443538_nJames Cosmo gave some wonderful advice for anyone wanting to become an actor. He explained how many non-actor jobs he did when he was younger and told the audience that every job and experience was a chance to see human nature.

“But the interesting thing is for a young actor it shouldn’t be regarded as ‘I’m not working’ and ‘I’m not an actor because I’m not acting.’ Because all that observation of life is like ammunition for the future.” – James Cosmo

Both actors agreed that if you’re going to be an actor, you’re going to be an actor. They explained that drama school is good for some people and not so good for others. And Ross Mullan recommended being ready for anything and willing to try new things.

The final few questions gained some fun and interesting responses. In answer to who they would like to see on the Iron Throne, Cosmo said Jon Snow, while Mullan thought that Sam would be an amusing, and also fitting, option.

The subject of favourite scenes came up and Ross Mullan’s favourite was Daenerys rising from the flames with her newly hatched dragons. While James Cosmo admitted he was highly amused by the YouTube videos of people reacting to the Red Wedding.

It really was a pleasure and an honour to hear these men pass on their wisdom and talk Game of Thrones. It was definitely one of the highlights of this year’s MCM Manchester Comic Con.


Photos by Daniel Morgan

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