Digimon 15 Year Anniversary Digivice Toys Revealed


The 1990s brought upon us two Japanese juggernauts; Digimon and Pokémon. It was like Star Wars vs. Star Trek; you were either one or the other. Although most people gravitated towards Pokémon, Digimon was successful in its own right.

To celebrate Digimon’s 15th anniversary, Digivice toys have been unveiled, and they resemble the Digivices of two key Digimon characters, Tai and Matt. The Digimon Agumon and Gabumon, as well as all of their evolutions up to their mega-forms will be playable. Wizardmon will also be playable, as well as Diablomon who will appear as a boss.


The Digivice toys will also function as pedometers and you will be able to play against others in multiplayer modes.

The Digivice toys will be available from Premium Bandai, with pre-orders taking place from August 1st to September 30th at a cost of 9,990 yen (around £58). They will be shipped out in December.

The Digivice toys won’t be the only 15 year anniversary merchandise on sale.  Others can be found, such as a card case and t-shirts.

Source: Anime News Network


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