Bangtan Boys express their thanks during press conference in Berlin


MCM Buzz was invited to attend the first European showcase tour “R We L8?” by K-pop hip-hop group Bangtan Boys in Berlin, Germany. We also had the chance to attend the press conference to understand how they felt about holding this showcase for their European fans.

DSCN5330The press conference was held at the Korean Culture Centre at the Leipziger Platz (which reminded me of the banking district in London), with high rise buildings, grass, banks and lots of coffee shops. Next door to the Korean Culture centre there was the Salvador Dali museum and a piece of the Berlin Wall. Visually it was a stunning area. We were guided into the Korean Culture Centre and surrounded by Hanboks, Gayageums and books about the history of Korea. Whilst waiting in a room with some well deserved bottles of water it gave us the chance to talk to other European press (we were the only ones from the UK there). After a few minutes of waiting we were ushered into the press conference room where we had ten minutes to set up our cameras and prepare ourselves to ask our questions and learn a little bit more about the boys.

Leading the group to their seats from the door behind us, J-hope, Jimin, RapMon, Jungkook, Jin, Suga and V stood behind their seats and greeted the press with a respectful bow. The boys looked excited, nervous and slightly tired (probably due to the blazing heat that was swarming Berlin). The boys showed off their casual school boy styling that has been something linked with Bangtan from their previous albums and releases. Wearing dark red blazers with their logo embellished in gold thread over crisp white shirts, ties, school suit trousers and wearing trainers, they looked like the typical cool group of kids from school. Already their personalities were showing yet they kept calm and professional from the very beginning.

After a small introduction from the host and translator the conference went straight into the questions provided by the concert organisers KpopNonstop. Two of the most prominent questions were about their future plans and goals in which Jin answered, “We are first going to do fan meetings in Europe and after these we will keep working on our next album and future song titles in Korea, then we will go to America for K-con to meet our fans.”

When asked what their most memorable moment was since their debut, Jungkook answered shyly, “We worked hard, as did our supporting fans and with that we won an award. For me that’s the most memorable moment.” The answer was met with a lot of nodding from the rest of the members who all seemed extremely happy with the reply.

BangtanBoysDSCN5347I was given the chance to ask a question on behalf of MCM Buzz: “K-pop is becoming bigger and more well known within the western world and your music has been placed within the Hallyu wave that has swept the music scene. How does it feel to know there is no language barrier with your fans all over the world?”

After a few nods and smiles Suga took to the microphone and stated, “I get so happy whenever I hear that my fans say that they were so inspired by the lyrics we sing. I think it’s really cool that through music you can have no language barriers, and that your music alone can inspire many people around the world and make everyone happy.” This was a question that Suga could answer very well, as he and RapMon are two of the few members that have written lyrics and produced some of the songs that Bangtan have on their albums.

After one more question it was the end of the press conference. It seemed the idols had relaxed midway through the questioning. With a final line up and chance to get some group pictures of the boys, they gave a final bow, said their their goodbyes and thank yous and left the room full of smiles and joking around. What followed next was the chance for me to ask the Bangtan Boys some questions face-to-face in an exclusive interview for MCM Buzz, as well as the showcase concert itself. But they will be coming soon!

For now be sure to check out the Facebook Gallery for more photos from the press conference.

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