MCM Comic Con ticket and event changes *Updated*


As Priority Entry tickets for MCM London Comic Con in October 2014 go on sale today, feedback from past events mean that MCM have made a change to their ticket policy.

October’s MCM London Comic Con takes place at the ExCeL centre on Friday 24th, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th October 2014. Priority Entry tickets for Friday cost £15. Priority Entry tickets for Saturday or Sunday cost £20. Weekend tickets (comprised of all three days) cost £35. MCM now have a fixed limit on tickets for this event and so could potentially sell out of all ticket types in advance.

General Entry tickets for the event will also be available for the first time in advance from 1st October. General Entry tickets will cost of £13 for Saturday or Sunday. These have a fixed allocation, so if they sell out in advance then there will be no on the day tickets available.

You can purchase tickets at the MCM Expo Store by clicking here.

Do visit the MCM London Comic Con website closer to the time to check in on how many tickets are available.

Due to the numbers attending MCM London Comic Con and the expected increase in content from exhibitors, the floor space for October will be increasing in size by another 8,000m2. Also, from May 2015 MCM London Comic Con will be expanding to a FULL THREE DAY EVENT. This means that it will be open from 10.00am on the Friday of the show. If demand follows the current trend, a preview night for Thursday may be introduced in the future.

*UPDATE* News has reached us that as of 5pm on Friday 8th August, 28% of the weekend tickets for MCM London Comic Con this October, have been sold. *UPDATE*



  1. sylvastreak says:

    Okay, I’m sorry, but this is a REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD IDEA. Caps lock, bolded and underlined if you please. You lot can’t seem to organize this event so that there are enough first aiders from excel, or so that there’s enough room for us to move around. Thus I ask, ARE YOU GUYS EVEN THINKING?! This is a massive convention, why the hell would you limit weekend tickets to where they could sell out in two weeks? TWO. WEEKS. You are effectively ostracizing at least half your audience who get paid monthly, and the majority who live far away! The convention is going to collapse at this rate and YOU LOT AREN’T SEEING IT. You’re going to lose so many people’s interest by continually putting prices up. It was £28 in 2011 and 2012. £30 in 2013 and May this year. Do you really, HONESTLY believe people are going to keep spending more and more money on this show when you can’t seem to organize the lines effectively, can’t keep costumes from being broken, and one of my big issues, YOU. CAN’T. KEEP. COSPLAYERS. FROM. BEING. HARASSED.

    People are going to start asking why they would want to go to such a bad event – in fact a lot of my friends already are asking this question seriously. Restricting the tickets on top of all of that? You’re going to kill this event!!

    • Ha says:

      Uh, weekend tickets have ALWAYS been limited. They sold out in May too.
      You seem to be really ill informed about everything, so I guess MCM won’t miss you anyway.

      • sylvastreak says:

        Actually, I’m well aware that weekend tickets have always been limited I almost didn’t get one in May but thankfully my friend bought it for me. My issue is that they seem to be limiting them even more. Plus all that other stuff up there that I bitched about. (btw I’ve been going since 2009)
        I’m sorry but MCM doesn’t seem to be listening to anyone and anything about organisation – unless Granny gets hold of it (masquerade) – seems to be pulled out their behinds.

        People are agreeing the space is limited? Good. Why not upstix and move the convention to Earl’s Court, or somewhere else larger than Excel? Hyper Japan was lovely, there was plenty of space, Earl’s Court is MASSIVE, why not make use of the exhibition facilities and stick to this one place that quite frankly isn’t big enough?!

        • Ha says:

          Earl’s Court is far smaller than the ExCel, and is about to be demolished. Nice try though.
          Oh, a show with much less in it and fewer people inside at one time had space WHAT A SURPRISE

        • Shalimar says:

          With the combined halls of Earl’s Court One and Two, that’s 58,800m2. The floor space at Excel is a little over 87,000m2 (that’s both the north and south side halls).

    • Avalon says:

      Not that I don’t agree with you on the price raise, but how is the convention going to collapse if all tickets are sold out?

      I would also like to see the MCM’s policy on harassment.

    • Anonymous Commoner says:

      the only thing i see wrong with this statement – you complain on limited space – THEN proceed to complain about limited tickets…. ^^’ not having a go, just stating this… if they limit tickets then surely it would be better for ground space?? 😛 as with everything else i kind of agree with it as well.. just remember people go because they choose to – they might be losing business but then that can kind of help with the over crowding of the event itself – plus with the part of cosplayers being harassed… no offence ^^’ , but if there not on the MCM grounds, its WAAAY after dark and there pondering about in a very small maids outfit or something like that then its there fault… not MCM. ^^’ but i can also agree with this statement due to people being thrown about in the center or being bullied… or even having things thrown at them by others. But then again MCM cannot take responsibility if it does not happen on the grounds… ^^; i don’t think the system in may was good either… but with limiting tickets and not selling most at the door would help with that, as you’d only have to que – get it checked – wristband on and away you go instead of waiting for someone to rummage through purses and ect to pay for a ticket there and then. sorry if any of this came across harshly, i didn’t intend it ti ^^’ just a point from a point that you made xD

      • sylvastreak says:

        “if they’re not on MCM grounds, it’s WAAAY after dark and it’s their fault’ you disgust me.

        • Anonymoose says:

          and you disgust me if you dont like it dont go!

        • annonymous commoner says:

          but if there not on the MCM grounds, its WAAAY after dark and there pondering about in a very small maids outfit or something like that then its there fault… not MCM. – missed out half of the stuff said there, i mean it as in if people are out and about talking with strangers and weirdos then its not like MCM have cctv and shit of what goes on and can run out to save them gone 3am or something

          • sylvastreak says:

            okay yes, I kinda screwed up quoting there. But STILL, clearly the people who harass and/or attack them should have more decency and respect for other people. I refuse to blame someone who might have nothing else to wear until they get back to their hotel for someone else’s lack of restraint. Way to be supportive of victims of such things.

    • Anonymoose says:

      hey look one less person to worry about MORE SPACE FOR ME

  2. Deartháirthemanga RandMmanga says:

    Hey – what about the actual sales tables and comic tables? Can you tell us when those are going on sale?

  3. Editor says:

    Good evening all. Firstly thank you for taking an interest
    in this story and whilst we appreciate that some may have passionate feelings
    about the event, we would like to remind you all that bullying, trolling, harassment
    and threats made of any kind will not be tolerated.

    We like to keep our posts open to comment but if we feel
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