Bayonetta 2 – An online co-op mode, First Print edition and release date for Europe

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There’s over the top and then there’s Bayonetta, with the latest Nintendo Direct being a special presentation that focused solely on the upcoming sequel Bayonetta 2. It featured PlatinumGames director Yusuke Hashimoto and producer Akiko Kuroda as they talked about the game’s characters, story, combo moves, weapons, as well as revealing the game’s release date.

One of the new features focused upon was Tag Climax, an online co-op mode where you can earn extra Halos by destroying enemies. Players can control Bayonetta, Jeanne or the weaponsmith Rodin here and can even gamble their Halos in order to earn more. (During the presentation, Yusuke and Akiko play this mode, and strangely Yusuke is seen wearing Bayonetta’s glasses and Akiko wearing Jeanne’s glasses).

Bayonetta 2 (Star Mercenary)There are unique Nintendo themed costumes for Bayonetta too, such as Mushroom Kingdom Princess (Princess Peach and Daisy), Hero of Hyrule (Link), Galactic Bounty Hunter (Samus Aran) and the newly revealed Star Mercenary (Fox McCloud). It was also revealed that there is an automatic mode and gamers can even play just by using the Wii U’s game pad touch screen.

Bayonetta 2 will be released on the Wii U in North America and Europe on 24 October.

The presentation concluded with a brand new four minute trailer.

A trailer showcasing a First Print edition of the game was also released. Limited to just 15,300 copies it comes with Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, plus The Art of Bayonetta booklet, all packaged inside a leather embossed Book of Angels. For those in the UK it is available exclusively at GAME for £59.99.


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