Manga Entertainment UK at MCM Scotland Comic Con – DBZ Battle of Gods, Bayonetta, Harlock and More!


The Manga UK panel at MCM Scotland Comic Con was hosted by the Manga UK Podcast hosts, Jeremy Graves, Jerome Mazandarani and Andrew Hewson. With a lot of exciting news, the trio broke the ice with Glasgow by announcing that Fairy Tail: Collection Three (Episodes 49-72) will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in January 2015.

Following that announcement Jeremy instructed that they “roll the VT”, screening two trailers for two promising titles to expect in 2015. First up was Good Luck Girl! The Dragon Ball Z parody from the trailer left the audience in fits of laughter. The second madcap trailer introduced to the audience involved the crazed antics caused by discounted food in Ben To. Jerome revealed that Manga UK plan to release these two titles in Blu-Ray format only, explaining that in recent years the majority of their sales showed that Blu-Rays were selling better than DVDs and this would cut the cost of having to licence and produce DVDs as well as Blu-Rays.

For fans of the video game series Bayonetta you can look forward to the release of Bayonetta: Bloody Fate on 24th November. The adventures of this gun toting witch will be encapsulated in both DVD and a limited edition steelbook Blu-Ray edition.

Following that announcement they screened the trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. Released on 30th November, we can expect to see the film on three different formats: DVD, Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition. The DVD release will include the theatrical cut, the director’s cut and special features which include 20 minutes of never before seen footage and over 30 minutes worth of extras. If you’re looking for the no frills edition you can pick it up on Blu-Ray, which will include both the theatrical and director’s cut, with no special features. But, if you want it all then they insist that you purchase the Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition, which will include both cuts of the film, the DVD special features as well as art cards and a card slipcase cover.

Going intoFebruary and they announced that they are looking forward to releasing Harlock: Space Pirate. They followed this announcement by screening the trailer, and the film looks visually stunning! They are currently planning a DVD and Blu-Ray release, with the rumour that there could be a 3D Blu-Ray steelbook edition, but this was unconfirmed. Jerome pointed out to the Glasgow audience that if they loved the look of Harlock, the full film is currently streaming on Netflix up until February.

One of the live action titles they are releasing on 27th October is Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. It will be getting released across three editions: DVD, Blu-Ray and a limited edition Blu Ray steelbook. The special features will include an extra 36 minutes of bonus features, a director’s commentary and outtakes.

Closing the panel they reminded the audience that the original Ghost in the Shell is being re-released in cinemas. With Masamune Shirow’s manga celebrating its 25th anniversary, Mamoru Oshii’s film has been remastered in HD and can be viewed on the big screen on 27th September. A limited edition steelbook of the film is released on Blu-Ray on 29th September.

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