D.C. Douglas and Courtenay Taylor at MCM Scotland Comic Con


Glasgow’s con-goers were treated on the Saturday of MCM Scotland Comic Con to a special panel hosted by two talented voice actors, D.C. Douglas and Courtenay Taylor. Both are well-known amongst fans of Resident Evil and Mass Effect. Together they’ve been credited with over 200 roles in voice acting, covering a plethora of video games and animated shows. Here’s a selection of highlights from the panel.

The first question came from a young man looking for advice on how to become a voice actor. Douglas confirmed that if this was his dream job then he should do his research, saying, “Take acting classes, improve, singing classes too, work your tool!” Douglas realised that the last phase could easily be taken out of context, leading the audience to burst into laughter. “Broaden your world in acting,” said Douglas, correcting himself.

Taylor backed up Douglas informing the con-goer to, “Take cold reading classes, be prepared to learn different accents.”

When asked how they’ve taken their fandom from fans of Mass Effect and Resident Evil, Taylor explained that her following is growing with each convention. She explained that on one occasion she took a picture with five Jacks. “There were three from Mass Effect 3, one from Mass Effect 2 and there was a boy Jack, and I was like ‘What?!’ From what I can tell it’s picking up steam. There are more Mass Effect fans, though the Resident Evil fans are scarily passionate…”

“In an awesome way,” Douglas interrupted. Douglas continued to explain the different types of fans. “Mass Effect fans, they like the outfits and the looks of it, but when you talk to them, they are themselves. When it’s the Resident Evil fans cosplay, they cosplay! I’ve got three Ada Wong’s that won’t leave me alone.”

Following that they were asked if either series was to be rebooted, which character would they love to play other than the characters they’re known for? “Hell, I’ll always take the lead,” Douglas quickly answered. “I would love to play Fem Shepard.” When asked about Resident Evil, Douglas shouted “Oh hell no! Albert Wesker’s the best character in that franchise, am I right?” The Glasgow crowd answered with whoops and cheers.

Taylor explained that she would love to return as Ada Wong, but admittedly she would love to play one of the male roles – Chris Redfield. “I’m totally into the gender shopping,” she stated. On a humorous note D.C. Douglas mentioned how that would ruin all of the anime artwork that fans make.


When asked which characters were the most fun to work as, Taylor chose Jack over Ada Wong, explaining that when working on Resident Evil they had to do a lot of motion capture whilst delivering lines and it became complicated. Jack in Mass Effect she is very fond of and when they fleshed the character out she was overjoyed.

D.C. Douglas admitted the same fact when playing Albert Wesker; the motion capture took the fun out of the role. For his role as Legion in Mass Effect he eloquently described the process as, “Roll over, out of bed, cough up some phlegm, drink my coffee and talk. It was so easy to do! That sounded gross, sorry!” He went on to detail that it was Azrael from BlazBlue that was the most fun for him. The dialogue was so silly and they wanted him to act over-the-top the whole time. “It was great to be violent and sexual the whole time and funny,” he said. “It was no holds barred, like being a wrestler!”

Asked if either of them had a favourite line, Douglas admitted that he often forgets his lines and discovers the favourites when the fans come up quoting them. He likes to go back to the Albert Wesker line from Resident Evil 5: “You’ll give me an egg.”

Taylor said that Jack takes the cake with the line, “Take your balls out of your purse Rodriguez and go kick some ass!”

Douglas piped in that he had played the character in Mass Effect with one line in the ships cafeteria quoting, “Hey the food doesn’t taste like butt today!”

When asked what the weirdest thing someone has asked them to sign was, the crowd went into a fit of giggles as Courtenay Taylor admitted that she had been signing boobs as if they were on sale! Douglas said on one occasion that someone brought a pair of jeans for him to sign, but it was already covered in signatures, so he attempted to sign the crotch. Taylor related to that answer explaining, “The weird thing was that I wasn’t the first person to sign those boobs, I had to fight for real-estate on those boobs!”

Towards the end of the panel the comical pair were asked who they would like to play if they were given the chance to play a role in a genre they have not done before. Taylor claimed that on screen she has always played junkies and hookers, but would love to do period pieces like Downtown Abbey. Douglas admitted that he wouldn’t do a period piece. “I want to transport, I want to fire a gun that’s got a laser, on camera,” he said. “I want to be in an action sci-fi.”

The final question of the day came from a young woman wondering what their favourite cosplays were that they had seen so far. Taylor told of the time she met a gender swapping Iron Man with a suit of armour made out of cola pull-tabs linked into chainmail. Douglas couldn’t remember which convention it was, but he was impressed when he saw someone had done a “full on Legion” cosplay, but on the day he highlighted an awesome Jill Valentine cosplayer sitting in the front row of the auditorium.

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