MyM Issue 30 featuring The Maze Runner is out now!

Issue 30 of MyM, the official magazine of MCM Expo Group, is out now! 

Imagination is such a wonderful thing and it shows itself in such an amazingly varied amount of ways. Here at MyM we’re lucky enough to experience so many of them and being the lovely people we are, we’re happy to share them all with you!

The movie gracing our cover this month (see page 20) is an excellent example: a young adult novel about abducted teens who must face a deadly maze and its deadlier inhabitants. Not to be outdone, The Boxtrolls (page 80) conjures up a race of cheeseloving, cardboard-wearing subterranean creatures. Even Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki can’t stick to the facts in his biopic of a Japanese aeroplane designer, peppering his life with imagined conversations and fantastic daydreams.

And that’s before we enter the often insane worlds dreamt up in manga, anime and videogames. This month alone includes the adventures of a psychedelic snake called Long Mover (see page 51), a student who can communicate with bacteria (see page 61) and a group of teenagers who keep inexplicably swapping bodies (see pages 38 and 72).

Our favourite flights of imagination, though, have to be the ones that see you all transform cloth, wool, plastic and metal into the outfits your favourite characters wear – be they film stars (see page 39), comic-book characters (see page 41-42) or everything in between (see the cream of the MCM Comic Con Scotland on page 18). Having to keep that a secret, as discussed on page 40? That’s one thing we really don’t want to have to imagine.
Matt Chapman, MyM editor

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MyM 30 The Maze Runner


Director Wes Ball turned his ambitious short Ruin into a two-movie deal, including an adaptation of epic teen novel The Maze Runner. Rejected titles for our chat with him: A Maze Ball and Ball’s To The Walls.

Author Christopher Brookmyre explains how he poked fun at the excessively masculine genre of early gaming, in the videogame based on his novel.

As writer/director Hayao Miyazaki’s career comes to an end, MyM talked to his wing men – Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki and supervising animator Kitaro Kosaka – about his final film.

Attracting more than half a million visitors, Tokyo’s amazing Comiket show is the Mecca of manga and anime fandom. Tom Arden braved the crowds, heat and hentai to find out more.

He’s the son of Satan, the saviour of online worlds, and our last hope against the Titans. Top voice actor Bryce Papenbrook talks to Andy Hanley about kicking and screaming his way to anime stardom.

MyM chats to the animation specialists behind Coraline and ParaNorman, to discover the cutting-edge secrets of today’s stop-motion animation.

Our Scotland show attracted a huge turnout – up 6,000 on 2013! – and MyM was there to chat to the stars and mingle with the masses. Did you make our cosplay gallery?

What would you do if you woke up in your best friend’s body? Kyle Charizanis looks at body-swapping anime Kokoro Connect and discovers a supernatural series with a heart of gold.

MyM heads over to Cologne, Germany, to check out the games and announcements at the world’s largest public gaming trade show, the absolutely massive Gamescom.

Including everything you need to know about superhero movies, a stylish redesign for the Harry Potter children’s editions and that Pokémon fighting game.

It’s a technology special this month, as we round up all the gadget gear every otaku needs. Plus, win a Tales Of Xillia 2 poster signed by videogame producer Hideo Baba!

Our man on Planet Japan takes a trip to Okayama to taste the Barazushi, tries on a character-filled hoodie and ponders the death of the Claymore manga.

Katharine Byrne sits down with a dragon-inspired cosplay duo from Italy, Rebecca Moriarty asks whether cosplay and the workplace can coexist and Carlos Adama brings us four more fab cosplay posters.

Saoirse Clohessy sits down with Tokyo Taboo, a mould-busting UK pop group blending upbeat synth sounds with a colourful anime aesthetic.

It’s mash-up time this month, as The Legend Of Zelda goes all hack ‘n slash for Hyrule Warriors, Final Fantasy goes rhythm action a second time in surprise sequel Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, and both Disgaea 4 and Hyperdimension Neptunia are chopped up and reworked for the PS Vita. Elsewhere this issue, we bring you reviews of Level-5’s cutesy 3DS RPG Fantasy Life, The Last Of Us Remastered on PS4, Hohokum, Metro Redux, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and loads more.

Dimension-hopping, body-swapping, epic Persian adventure and the origins of Blue Exorcist are all on
the cards as Ian Wolf takes a look this month’s crop of new manga.

This issue sees our review crew chewed up by Attack On Titan, cast down into Hell by Berserk: The Advent, sail away with more One Piece movies and explore an alien world in the company of Gargantia On The Verdurous Planet. Add chunky re-releases in the shape of Gurren Lagann and Ghost In The Shell, collected editions of Toradora! and Bodacious Space Pirates and brand new titles such as Karneval and Arcana Famiglia, and you’ve got a monster month of anime goodness in store.

The thrillers A Walk Among The Tombstones and Grand Piano and the documentaries Road and The Short Game try and keep us grounded this month. Fat chance, with such fantasy fare as The Maze Runner, The Boxtrolls, From Dusk Till Dawn the TV series, HK: Forbidden Superhero and The Walking Dead on offer, before actioner Sabotage and horror Wolf Creek 2 kick things up a notch.

Voice actor, surfer and musician Greg Cipes shares his positive vibes and laid-back view of life.

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