Sukekiyo live at O2 Islington Academy 18th September 2014

Sukekiyo is a band with an air of mystery surrounding it, despite the fact that its members are individually well-known through their ties to other groups, especially its frontman, Kyo, who is also in Dir En Grey. With members from Dir En Grey, Rentrer en Soi, 9goats black out and Kannivalism, Sukekiyo is sometimes referred as a supergroup, but this is by no means an easy way of building up a band, thanks to the expectations it creates. Yesterday, Sukekiyo made its mark in London, performing a gig at Islington’s O2 Academy as part of the hotly anticipated Ameagari no yuushi tour.

IMG_0210One of the first things I noticed at the venue was that the place was only half-filled. Nevertheless, this proved to be no bad thing for the concert, since the band quickly showed themselves ready and able to play well to whatever crowd they had.

They opened their set with “Aftermath”, and within the first few seconds, the audience was caught up in the song’s atmospheric sounds, created through a combination of vocals and instrumental noises. Something that stood out throughout the show was Kyo’s vocals and his range. Through his singing, he was able to deliver a huge amount of emotion that carried right around the room.

The band’s stage presence was distinctly eerie, often leaving fans quietly mesmerised. At the end of one song, there was even a moment of complete silence, something that doesn’t often happen at concerts!

IMG_0163As the show carried on, the music continued to change its rhythms from slow to fast-paced, but never once lost its momentum. Each song consistently captured the super-intensity and great showmanship that characterise this band. The definite highlights of the show were Kyo screaming in to the mic, which would often catch me off-guard, even when there was a build-up in the music, and the instrumental solos, particularly Uta’s guitar solos in songs such as “In All Weathers”, “Vandal” and “Uyuu no sora”. Together, these added to the surreal atmosphere of the performance.


I arrived at the show with no awareness of what I was getting myself into, and left it with a new-found inspiration and a firm belief that my respect for this project will continue to grow. Sukekiyo, the band that creates chaos through music…


Photos by Sarah Tsang

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