Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast to Attend MCM London Comic Con


MCM Comic Con is a place for many things. A place for gaming, Japanese culture, collectors, cosplay and nostalgia. However this October, MCM have decided to take it old school by announcing that some of the cast of the hit 90s TV show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, will be in attendance at MCM London Comic Con this October.

David Yost (Blue Ranger), Austin St. John (Red & Gold Rangers), Walter Jones (Black Ranger) and Karan Ashley (Yellow Ranger) are the cast members from the cult series who will be joining us at MCM London Comic Con.

David Yost played the Blue Ranger; Billy Cranston who was the genius of the team. He is noted to be behind many of the gadgets the group has, and Billy is also the second longest-serving Ranger overall behind Tommy Oliver (Green & White Rangers).

Austin St John played the original token colour of the Power Rangers; the Red Ranger. The alter ego of the Red Ranger was Jason Lee Scott. He appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for 81 episodes as the Red Ranger, the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers: Zeo and subsequently appeared in the Power Rangers: Zeo Movie; Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie as the Gold Ranger.

Walter Jones is best known as the witty Zack Taylor whose alter-ego was the Black Ranger. He also went on to appear in other Power Ranger series’ in roles such as Nightmare in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and Gerrok in an episode of Power Rangers: Wild Force.

Karan Ashley played Aisha Campbell , also known as the Yellow Ranger. She took over the role from Thuy Trang, who played Trini Kwan as the Yellow Ranger.

The cast are due to be at the event which takes place from Friday 24th October 2014 to Sunday 26th October 2014, and aside from signing autographs, having photos taken with fans, a panel is also expected to take place.

Are you excited by this announcement? Which other 90s TV guests would you like to see at MCM London Comic Con? Let us know in the comments below.

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