WWE 2K15 Gameplay Trailer Revealed


As revealed by IGN, we’ve now finally been given a gameplay trailer for the upcoming WWE 2K15. With the recent news of delays and other controversy surrounding this year’s addition to the WWE video game franchise, it almost seemed like as if we might never hear any more news about 2K15, but this latest trailer certainly makes up for lost time.

After several years of a blocky, cartoony artstyle, it’s refreshing to see so many superstars and divas rendered in a much more life-like style. Not only are the in-game models much closer to their real-life counterparts, but the animations for all the myriad special attacks look a whole lot smoother. Even as the characters make their way to the ring, it’s never felt so much like you’re watching the actual superstars and divas performing their signature entrances, with all the little mannerisms that we’ve come to associate with the different members of the roster. This is also the first in-game shot we’ve seen of the Icon himself, Sting. Check it out below.

WWE 2K15 will be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 31st, and on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 21st 2014.

Source: IGN

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