Cindy: A Happily Never After Web Series by the Producer of Beetlejuice

unnamedWhen an orphaned teenager is fostered by a self-obsessed TV superstar who treats her as a PA/personal maid, it seems as though a fairy godmother with a drug problem and a man twice her age may be her only chance of escape from a life of misery. So what happens when the distant worlds of time-honoured folk tales and 21st-century reality television collide? That’s what Cindy, a brand new web series based on the classic story of Cinderella, is setting out to discover!

Created by Larry Wilson, writer and producer of such cult classics as Beetlejuice, The Addams Family, The Little Vampire and Tales from the Crypt, Cindy is certainly no sappy sweet fairy story. The dark, gothic vibe of Wilson’s previous work is here mixed with an arch, satirical look at contemporary culture, with Cindy herself (Autry Haydon-Wilson) struggling to break free of her Happily Never After life with her wicked foster mother Rayveen (Julie Dixon Jackson) and her insufferable adopted siblings, Dante (Ben Ross) and Tuesday (Lily Jackson).

In order to escape into the wider world and tell her own side of the story, however, Cindy needs your help. A Kickstarter campaign is currently attempting to raise $18,000 to fund post-production costs, so that this already gorgeous-looking show can be finished to the top quality standards it deserves. As an extra incentive, the production team are offering a range of great perks to those generous enough to donate, from MP3 music downloads and signed posters to personal script consultations with Larry Wilson himself!

Check out the clip below to see the official trailer and hear more about the series from the talented team behind it!

Cindy is co-produced by Christi Haydon-Wilson and Jason Hampton, and written by Larry Wilson with Megan Hannay. Click here for more information and to pledge your support, or visit the Cindy YouTube channel to meet the cast and characters.

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