Trick or Treat: Get a Giant Pumpkaboo for Hallowe’en

pumpkabooIt seems Nintendo are out to spoil us rotten this October: not only will you be able to download a Shiny Gengar, complete with Gengarite Mega Stone, from the 15th of the month, but now The Pokémon Company has revealed that it’s also offering a free, giant Pumpkaboo to every Pokémon X and Y player!

Your special, Super Size Pumpkaboo will have command of some spooky, Hallowe’en-themed moves like Trick-or-Treat and Scary Face, and will also come with a Rocky Helmet, which causes additional damage to opponents every time the holder is hit in battle.

When traded, Pumpkaboo will evolve into a giant Gourgeist, enabling you to participate in the Trick-or-Treat Friendly being held this month. The Trick-or-Treat friendly is a Ghost-type-only, Single Battle contest that can only be entered by trainers with a Super Size Gourgeist in their PC Battle Box.


EN_Pumpkaboo_04To get your Super Size Pumpkaboo, simply select the Mystery Gift option upon starting up your game, then choose “Get Via Local Wireless”. Don’t forget to collect your gift from the Delivery Girl in the nearest Pokémon Centre and save the game! Full details of the Trick-or-Treat Friendly have yet to be revealed, but we’ll be posting more information as we get it!

In addition to these exciting in-game treats, the recently launched Pokémon TCG XY Phantom Forces site features a range of Jack-o-lantern stencils and Hallowe’en wallpapers to download, as well as a brand new, online game called Tricky Treats and a page that conveniently collects together all the ghost-themed anime episodes for you to enjoy. There’s also a chance to share your own Pokémon-related Hallowe’en pics on the site and enjoy the frightful fun with your fellow Pokéfans.

Happy haunting, everyone!



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