Leaked photos reveal the forthcoming LEGO Minecraft sets

There aren’t many things that go together as well as LEGO and Minecraft, it’s a match made in heaven. This new line is not scheduled to be released until November so there is still a little while to wait until you can get your hands on these pieces, but until then you can look at the pictures courtesy of Mir Kubikov, a Russian LEGO store. They placed the pictures, some of which you can see below, on their online store, perhaps a little prematurely.

The upcoming sets are entitled Mine, Dragon Edge, Workbench, First Night, Farm and Cave. The most noticeable difference with these newly developed sets are that the characters have arms and legs which make them look much more like conventional LEGO people and less Minecraft shaped, that said the heads are block shaped and so represent the gaming franchise a little better. They are offering a wider range of enemies including skeletons with a bow and arrow and spiders, and the existing zombies and creepers also have a different, more complex shape.

If you’re a fan of LEGO or Minecraft, or both, these sets are definitely worth getting excited about.

First Night Lego Minecraft

First Night

Lego Mincraft figure

The new-look Minecraft figure






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