MCM Buzz goes Beyond Gotham with LEGO Batman 3

Villains of the world beware. Deep in Warner Bros’ Batcave, the latest piece of Wayne Enterprises kit is ready for testing. That’s right, MCM Buzz spent an afternoon with LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

In the first demonstration of the day, we learned exactly how the title fits as Batman, Superman and an out-of-sorts Wonder Woman pursue the villainous Braniac as he tears through Europe. There truly hasn’t been a LEGO game that has ever covered so much ground, the replicas of London, Pisa and Paris that featured in the level are lovingly crafted with plenty of attention to detail. Whether it’s Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, each attraction is a building block masterpiece. Far away from the delights of Europe, the game’s story is set to go deeper into the DC Universe than ever before, as gamers will explore the Lantern Worlds themselves in the most distant reaches of space.



The characters themselves are designed with just as much care. Building on the roster in LEGO Batman 2, Beyond Gotham has over three times the number of characters, from Justice League favourites to wonderfully obscure heroes and villains like Polka-Dot Man, Manchester Black and even Bat-Cow (a personal favourite). What’s more is that each character has abilities that measure up to their comic counterparts, and in true TT Games fashion the developers do a brilliant job of making each character feel unique and completely charming. The characters themselves have some new powers too. A more fluid suit system has been introduced for some of the core characters, allowing players to swap between outfits and abilities and become a puzzle-solving master. The game also introduces space travel, which adds a surprisingly retro but welcome addition to the variety of gameplay in the LEGO games as a whole.

LEGO Batman 3_Batman_01 space

When we finally took to the controllers we were treated to a level featuring Batman and Robin from the classic 1960s television series, featuring Adam West himself. West brings incalculable charm to his LEGO counterpart, and everything from the retro music to the added “Pow!” effects will bring an acute nostalgia to fans of the show and a sense of wacky, self-aware excitement to those who don’t. From what we have seen, LEGO Batman 3 draws from an enormous back catalogue of DC ventures and it is incredibly exciting to encounter such a variety of content in a single game. DLC has already been announced that is based upon the Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel and even the acclaimed show Arrow, with more to come in the future (Flash, Gotham and the upcoming Batman V Superman film may be ones to watch here). The possibility of new content is exhilarating for any DC fan. The voice talent itself is also something to wonder at. Troy Baker returns as Batman and Stephen Amell, who plays the ranger of revenge Oliver Queen in the hit television series, reprises his role. The wide range of cast members also includes Dee Bradley Baker (The Legend of Korra, American Dad!) as the deranged villain Brainiac.

LEGO Batman 3_Green Arrow voiced by Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell dons his LEGO hood for the first time, with added stubble.

From what we’ve seen so far, TT Games have pulled out all the stops to create an authentic but light-hearted adventure that will have plenty of surprises in store for dedicated fans. Players who are experiencing parts of the DC Universe for the first time will find it a delightful journey. The visuals are sharpened due to added lighting details and the gameplay is slightly refined for a more fluid experience when puzzle-solving. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham looks to crown itself as the new defining LEGO superhero game, and if the finished product is given the same attention as the levels we experienced, it might just do that.


LEGO Batman 3 is released on 14 November. The game will also be playable at MCM London Comic Con at the WB Games stand (stand 1141).

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