MyM Magazine Issue 31 featuring Harry Potter art out now!

Issue 31 of MyM, the official magazine of MCM Expo Group, is out now! With the inside scoop on the Bayonetta sequel, Disney’s Big Hero 6, Neil Gaiman’s latest twisted fairy tale and crazy Asian takes on classic Marvel characters, it’ll make your pop culture life complete. 

If, like us, you’ve been humming the new Jamie T single (“Walking like a zombie. Like a zomb-ee-ie!”) since it hit the internet, you won’t thank us for bringing that particular earworm back into your consciousness. But how could we not, when zombies are everywhere these days?

OK, so you’d expect to see an (un)healthy dose of flesh eating in a series like The Walking Dead, and the opening to the fifth season of the TV show certainly didn’t disappoint on that score. But family friendly tea-time soap Neighbours? Surely that’s immune to the kind of outbreak that causes bad skin and an appetite for brains?

Not so, as our news story on page six proves. “Zombies On Ramsey Street is definitely a thing,” confirms vlogger Louna Maroun – and you can see it here from 27 October. Even MyM’s official mascot Mya Tenshi has got the zombie bug in honour of the Erinsborough outbreak!

Still, who can take down a zombie better than a hero? And MyM is packed with them this issue. From a witch with killer stilettos (see page 21), to a medical bot repackaged as a superhero (page 24), via a famous fairy tale character and her Dwarven friends (page 27). Even some well-known modern day heroes have been given a boost that the undead would struggle to counter, including a remodel of the Batmobile (page 10) and a robot pal for the Japanese Spider-Man (page 32).

Still, for us the hero of the month is a man who survived four days of full-on battle to play the best games at EGX London (see page 30). Having ploughed his way through more slow moving bods than your average session on Dead Rising 3: Apocalypse Edition (which he reviews on page 52), Martin Wharmby, we salute you.
Matt Chapman, MyM editor

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MYM 31 cover Bayonetta 2

The witch is back as PlatinumGames brings the spell-throwing, stiletto-shooting heroine Bayonetta back to life, with a little help from Nintendo.

Producer Roy Conli gave us a sneak peek at the first Disney animated movie to be based on a Marvel comic. Find out how hero bot Baymax almost walked like a baby with a loaded nappy!

MYM Issue 31 Big Hero 6 feature p24-25

Heard the fairy tale where the handsome saviour rapes the unconscious princess and then leaves? Brilliant author Neil Gaiman shares his research into The Sleeper And The Spindle, which blends the classic fairy tales Sleeping Beauty with Snow White.

EGX 2014
We headed to Earl’s Court for the rebranded EGX expo, and found it packed with games! We also caught up with Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell, to chat about the upcoming game Volume.

Remember Spider-Man’s giant robot buddy? Or when Wolverine founded the X-Men? Alex Jones looks at Marvel Comics’ unusual adventures in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Ruth Edmundson counts down the manga gems that have been forgotten over time or otherwise overlooked.

How illustrator Jonny Duddle – who’d never even read JK Rowling’s magical series! – landed the hottest gig in publishing.

Including a revamp for the Batmobile, web series Zombies On Ramsay Street and a serious challenger to Pokémon.

MYM Issue 31 p10-11 Batmobile news feature

Oozing hand candles and a skull chair bring the Halloween vibe. Plus, win hardback boxed sets of the new Harry Potter Children’s Editions!

Katharine Byrne discovers the trials and tribulations of creating The Legend Of Zelda’s other famous princess, Rebecca Moriarty looks at cosplaying with kids and our cosplay posters bring together the unlikely quartet of Super Sonico, Asuna, Ramona Flowers and The Dark Knight.

You wait ages for a prince and then three come along at once… Saoirse Clohessy talks about Japan’s dashingly androgynous kodona style with a trio of the fashion’s followers.

Our man on Planet Japan braves a black burger and spices up his life with a pink curry sauce.

We sink our teeth into the Gothic goodness of Void’s Enigmatic Mansion, the 1950’s spookiness of The Man Next Door and the monster battling World Trigger, while Dragon Ball’s latest omnibus edition sees the venerable shonen series hit an important milestone.

Headlining this month is our review of Bayonetta 2, the spectacular sequel on Wii U we’ve all been waiting for. The rest of this issue is jam-packed with reviews of this year’s biggest, brightest and even some bemusing titles, like Destiny, Alien Isolation, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Samurai Warriors 4, Disney Infinity 2.0, Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, Natural Doctrine, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution and Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star. Phew, that’s a lot of games, and that’s not even the lot!

This month we find out whether monster show Attack On Titan keeps up its momentum, whether reboot Appleseed Alpha improves on its predecessors, whether sci-fi movie HAL tugs the heartstrings and just what the Hell is happening in Garden Of Sinners. Devil Survivor 2 also makes its debut, Kokoro Connect gets an OVA collection and From The New World reaches a fitting finale, while Naruto Shippuden and Dragon Ball fly the flag for shonen battlers.

From the sublime (Zombeavers) to the ridiculous (Sharknado 2), there’s something for everyone this month, including thrillers (Gutshot, The Calling, Saints & Soldiers – The Void), a manga adaptation (Kite), comedy Magic In The Moonlight), horror (Extraterrestrial), fantasy (Horns), and action (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dracula Untold, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.).


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