Welcome to Purgatory announce brilliant new cast member at MCM London Comic Con

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The general synopsis of Gene Fallaize’s new film is that three strangers board a train from London’s Waterloo Station which crashes, causing them to wake up together in Purgatory. Greeting them there is Guardian Paul, whose job it is to lead them to heaven. This is the character of the new cast member that was announced for the first time at MCM London Comic Con: the one and only Brian Blessed!

In the film, the group soon find out that Heaven has been destroyed, its gates left hanging off their hinges. Archangel Raphael, in a furious rage, wreaks revenge on Hell, destroying its gates in the process. Now all the remaining creatures, both good and evil, are free to roam Purgatory and the three strangers are swept up into an epic quest to find a sacred temple and potential sanctuary. For this, they need the help and guidance of Archangel Raphael, so they set off to find him.

Welcome to Purgatory panel (2)Filming is yet to start, but with the release set for the end of 2015, other preparations are well under way. Brian Blessed will join a cast that already includes the likes of Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead), Jillian Murray (Wild Things) and James Buckley (The Inbetweeners), all of whom sent a short video message expressing their regret at not being able to attend MCM Comic Con but sending their best wishes. When asked what it was that drew him to this project, Brian boomed that he is “incredibly excited for the film, not just for the usual reasons like a great cast and crew but because the story is so original. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I bloody love it!” He pounded the table with his fist to drive the point home.

In fact, when the rest of the panellists were asked the same question, they all answered that it was the originality of the script that made them want to be a part of the film. Jack O’Halloran (Superman I & II) plays Guardian Simon, a dying guardian in the ruins of Heaven who tells the heroes about the attack before they are chased out by something lurking in the smoke. O’Halloran said that the role let him “really bring the character to life in a way that superficial films do not.”

The film’s composer, Joseph Bennie (Superman: Requiem) said that the script attracted him because it is “multi-layered, which means you can get great emotion from it. It is also fun as hell – excuse the pun.”

Regarding female characters, meanwhile, Georgina Sherrington (The Worst Witch) said, “I play a demon – a motorbike-riding character, which is really fun. I fight and hunt.” Serena Lorien says of her character, “She’s called Nina. She is a long-term survivor of the afterlife. She is very tough and has seen the nice side of this world and the not so nice side. She kind of takes the others under her wing and helps them on their quest.”

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Director Gene Fallaize confirmed that the film has a budget of £7.3 million and talked a little bit about the style. Apparently, Purgatory will be in greyscale, but as the worlds of Heaven and Hell bleed into it the audience will begin to notice colour seeping in as well. “Purgatory is designed to be a stopping place; a short step between Heaven and Hell so there’s not much there. That’s why we decided to use the greyscale. An awful lot of research went into this film. It is not a religious film at all, however nothing in it goes against the Bible. The idea of these places can be interpreted in anyway you want so this is just one interpretation of them. I wanted to make Hell the worst place imaginable, somewhere you wouldn’t want to spend any time at all, and I wanted Heaven to be the exact opposite of that.”

With its originality, multi-layered script, amazing cast, and the obvious excitement and passion of everyone involved, Welcome to Purgatory is one film you will want to look out for next year!

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