Teen Wolf panel at MCM London Comic Con (October 2014)

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I guess it’s safe to say that the Teen Wolf family are no strangers when it comes to MCM London Comic Con, having always been greeted with open arms by the fans at the convention. However, this time it was the turn of creator Jeff Davis and new cast members Arden Cho (who plays Kira Yukimura) and Dylan Sprayberry (who plays Liam Dunbar) to bless us with their presence.

For the unfamiliar, Teen Wolf is a supernatural drama which follows Scott (Tyler Posey) through the trials and tribulations he faces after being bitten by a werewolf. Though in his evolution Scott is not alone, he gets help through his best friend Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), and resident bad boy werewolf Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin).

When the guests walked on stage, there was nothing short of admiration from the crowd who were eager to hear them speak. Interestingly, questions via the crowd was the first thing that happened.

As the question and answer from the attendees begun, Jeff Davis was asked about the Teen Wolf writing process. Whilst he is obviously the showrunner, he also does have a writing team. However the attendee was curious to know whether he tells them what to write, or whether he gives them free rein when it comes to writing. Jeff explained, “I’m actually there everyday,” and as a team the writers work collaboratively. Where a script may have one or two writers names on it, it is a joint effort with input from the whole team.

He reminisced about working on Criminal Minds stating, “When I started in TV doing Criminal Minds, I found that [outlines are] an exhausting thing to do.” In a sense the story was already told before the script was made. He decided that he made sure the whole writing team were going to outline it together, and even though it’s a joint effort Davis still maintains he does a lot of the writing and redrafts.

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Another question followed regarding Arden Cho’s character; Kira. She was asked whether fans were going to see Kira’s power develop a lot more in the next season. Arden quickly replied with, “I hope so,” as Jeff dove into it a bit more.

He explained, “One of the things we did last season was we pulled back a little with Kira’s character, because [season] 3B was so much about her.” However, he did reveal that fans are going to get more into Kira’s ability in the forthcoming season. Jeff went on to say that the supernatural abilities of the characters in Teen Wolf are analogies for teenagers finding themselves. He wants us to see these characters struggle with their powers, and develop, just as teenagers would do as they develop as people.

Another topic of discussion was the idea of keeping props from the set. Jeff revealed that he keeps a lot of props in his office, such as a katana and a club. He went on to say that he really enjoys props and revealed that the well which Liam climbed from was the same one from the feature film ‘The Ring’, which they had bought from Universal. Arden mentioned that she asked for a katana, but Jeff didn’t allow her to have one. It was revealed that she wanted the more expensive one, though she didn’t mind which one she had gotten. Dylan Sprayberry revealed that had a piece of rock, as well as a lacrosse stick.

An attendee noted the parallels between Jackson and Danny’s relationship, and Liam and Mason’s relationship. Dylan mentioned that people may believe that his and Jackson’s character are different, simply because Liam comes off as arrogant because he has to put up a wall. Jeff continued by saying that there were initially intended parallels, such as a replication with the weightlifting scene with Liam and Mason, which occurred similarly with Jackson and Danny earlier in the series. Jeff explained with Liam that he wanted to introduce a character who seemed like he was going to be like Jackson, although his issues were much more on the surface, and his arrogant attitude is more of a façade.

Jeff then revealed some information about the forthcoming fifth season, which was going to be 20 episodes and one long arc, as opposed to the usual two. The intention is to make the fifth season much more intense by raising the stakes, because it could potentially be the last season. Upon hearing this the audience let out an upsetting “NO”.

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As the panel was coming to a close, the final question was an intriguing one in which an attendee asked Arden and Dylan how similar they were to their characters. Arden noted that she was very much like Kira, in that they are both very awkward, though Kira is much more confident. Arden noted that she has become a lot more like Kira in life. Dylan mentioned that he feels like he is very much like Liam, though flipped. Whereas Dylan is usually nice and happy, and gets angry once in a while, for Liam it’s the opposite. Jeff concluded by saying that the writers get to know the actors and write to their strengths and weaknesses. He noted that Holland Roden was the most interesting to write for, because of her ability to reach a wide range of emotions, and, out of all the cast members, she is the most different from her character.


Photos by Sarah Tsang

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