Rurouni Kenshin 2: Kyoto Inferno UK trailer and poster

Rurouni Kenshin 2: Kyoto Inferno, the second film 28819_1 Sheet.inddin the franchise, based on Nobuhiro Watsuki’s popular manga series, reaches the UK very soon.

Released in Japan over the summer, its earnings of over ¥5.5 billion ($50 million) have made the sequel one of the highest earning films of the year in Japan.

The film is based on the Kyoto arc of the manga series and sees legendary swordsman Kenshin Himura (Takeru Satoh) as a lone wanderer following the turbulent fall of Japan’s Shogunate in the 19th century. He is summoned by Home Minister Toshimichi Okubo (Kazufumi Miyazawa), and is informed that Makoto Shishio (Tatsuya Fujiwara), his successor in the service of the new government, believed to be dead, is actually alive and plotting in Kyoto. Driven by revenge, Shishio commands a private army of mercenaries and plans to overthrow the government. Kenshin realises that the reason he has been summoned is because he is only man alive who can find Shishio and stop him.

Click play below to view the UK trailer with subtitles, which also has ONE OK ROCK’s Mighty Long Fall playing in the background, featured on the film’s soundtrack.

Directed by Keishi Otomo, the film also stars Emi Takei as Kaoru Kamiya, Munetaka Aoki as Sanosuke Sagara, Yu Aoi as Megumi Takani, and Yosuke Eguchi as Hajime Saito.

Rurouni Kenshin 2: Kyoto Inferno opens in the UK on 28 November 2014, showing at Cineworld Enfield, Crawley, Sheffield, West India Quay, Glasgow RS, Cardiff, Stevenage, Bolton and Vue Piccadilly.

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