Are the Dragon Ball characters real people?


What would a Dragon Ball character look like if they walked our streets like a normal human being? Is it even possible to imagine such diverse characters coming to life? If they did, how would you respond to seeing villains such as Ginyu, Cell, Buu and King Piccolo walking into your local supermarket to pick up their fresh milk and eggs?

Chinese artist Angus Yi has been making rounds all over the internet with their own very realistic renditions of the series most loved villains. It’s hard to believe that the images are not of real people, or that they are not for an amazing live action movie. Even with the Chinese styling, Yi has captured the very essence of each character and made them a living and breathing person on paper. Fans from around the world have been writing in their thousands praising the artist, some even asking if they will be doing more characters from the series or if they will move on to other anime.

It would be great to see more content from Yi and what he could do with the likes of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away or even Porco Rosso. Which anime character would you like to see as a realistic drawing? Which one of the pictures below is your favourite?







Source: DramaFever

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