Don’t Forget to Get Your Shiny Beldum: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

shiny beldumThose of you who’ve already picked up a shiny new copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire over the last few days can now receive an early Christmas present, courtesy of Nintendo and the Pokémon Company International. If you haven’t already checked out the Mystery Gift feature on your game, search via the internet now to claim your very own Shiny Beldum.

As well as being a rare, Shiny Pokémon, Beldum comes holding a free Metagrossite Mega Stone, so that after you’ve evolved it a couple of times, you’ll be able to see the awesome power of a Shiny Mega Metagross in battle! Beldum is also a great addition to your team when setting out on your adventure, possessing a couple of decent attack moves (Iron Head and Zen Headbutt), along with Hold Back – a handy move that always leaves an opponent with at least 1HP, making it ideal for catching wild Pokémon. Beldum also has the ability Clear Body, meaning that other Pokémon won’t be able to lower its stats in battle.

Shiny Beldum is available via Mystery Gift until 14th January 2015.


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