Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtrack preview video

Sailor Moon Crystal Original SoundtrackWith the soundtrack for Sailor Moon Crystal set to be released in Japan later this month, a nine-minute preview has emerged on YouTube, giving fans a taste of what to expect.

The two-disc set is released in Japan on 24 December, with music by Yasuharu Takanashi. It will retail for ¥3000 (about $25 / £16). You can pre-order the soundtrack from Amazon Japan and CD Japan.

The second disc will consist of tracks from the Black Moon Clan arc of the series, which begins airing from 17 January 2015, featuring the Black Moon Clan and Sailor Chibi Moon (Chibiusa).

Track listing:

Disc 1

Prelude: The Legend
1. Legend of the Moon

Chapter I: Make Up!
2. Moon Prism Power Make Up!
3. Star Power Make Up!
4. In The Name of the Moon I Will Punish You!

Opening Theme
5. Moon Pride (TV Version)

Chapter II: Tuxedo Romance
6. Tuxedo Mask
7. Mamoru’s Theme

Chapter III: Sign of Phantom
8. Shadows Lurking in the Darkness
9. Beginning of the Occurrences

Chapter IV: Pretty Guardians
10. Sailor Moon’s Theme
11. Sailor Mercury’s Theme
12. Sailor Mars’s Theme
13. Sailor Jupiter’s Theme
14. Sailor Venus’s Theme

Chapter V: Girls’ Holiday
15. In Bright Sunlight
16. A New Awakening Has Begun
17. I’m Clumsy But That’s Okay
18. Everyday Wonderland

Chapter VI: The Ordeal of Love
19. The Mask of Darkness
20. A Conflicted Heart
21. Deep Abyss of Sorrow
22. Love Again

Chapter VII: The Battle
23. Attack
24. The Darkness Attacks
25. Moon Healing Escalation!
26. Sailor Guardians of Love and Justice

Chapter VII: Friendship
27. The Bonds of Love
28. Irreplaceable Friendship
29. Moments of Peace

30. Sailor V Game

Disc 2:

Chapter IX: The True Face of the Sailor Guardians – Pretty Girls
1. Usagi’s Theme
2. Ami’s Theme
3. Rei’s Theme
4. Makoto’s Theme
5. Minako’s Theme

Chapter X: Small Stranger – Little Moon
6. Chibiusa’s The
7. Dazzling World
8. Dreamy Waltz

Chapter XI: The Return of Phantom
9. Darkness for Eternity
10. Anxiety and Impatience
11. Tragic Battle

Chapter XII: Sad Black Lady
12. Black Lady
13. Quiet Sorrow
14. Anger Unleashed

Chapter XXII: Through the Gate of Time
15. Door of Time
16. Sailor Chibi Moon’s Theme

Chapter XIV: Determination
17. Omen of Doom
18. A Prayer to the Moon
19. A Determined Heart

Chapter XV: The Final Battle
20. The Final Battle

Chapter XVI: The Miracle of Love
21. Love Theme

Final Chapter: Finale: To The Future
22. A Refreshing Breeze
23. The Story That Will Continue Tomorrow

Ending Theme
24. Moonbow (Gekkou) (TV Version)


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