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DigimonAdventuretri2It’s hard to believe that it has been 15 years since they first Digi-volved and earned a place in our hearts through one of the most loved children’s television shows of its generation. But now, 15 years, six series and numerous movies, toys, video games later, Toei Animation has given us a first look at the newest incarnation of Digimon: Digimon Adventure tri.

The orginal series first aired in the UK on the Fox Kids channel before finding its home on CITV in 2001-2002. During its post-school, afternoon slot on the channel, the eyes of children of all ages were glued to TV sets across the country, so was no surprise to see excitement sweep across the UK and worldwide when the announcement for a new series came as part of the 15th anniversary celebrations in August.

Fast forward nearly four months and, thanks to the official Toei animation website, we have been finally given more information about the show, as well as a first look at its characters (see our image gallery below). Digimon Adventure tri will feature the much-loved characters from the original Digimon Adventures, most of whom are now in high school, and will be directed by Keitaro Motonaga, who has previously worked on two Lupin III specials, Sakura Wars (OAV) and Jormungand. The series has been developed by Yuuko Kakihara, whose credits include Space Brothers, Kids on the Slope and Stitch. Finally, the character designs for this Digimon series are from the hands and mind of Atsuya Uki (CencorollCencoroll 2 and Guilty Crown). Whilst there is no news yet on whether any of the either the Japanese or English voice cast will return, Joshua Seth, the voice of Tai in the English dub, said that he would be interested in reprising his role when asked about the new series in various interviews.

Much like the casting, little is currently known about the plot, aside from the fact that the characters are in high school, which has led fans to wonder if the show will pick up from the end of Series 2 or will it create its own new lore. What Toei animation did reveal in one image (see below) is a short script for what appears to be an early scene describing Tai (Taichi) waking up in the morning and heading to school, as well as confirming he is now seventeen. The jump to high school for the characters could mean that, unlike in the series of old, we are going to get more mature themes in the plot and stories. Depending on how it’s done, this could either damage the show’s light-hearted vibe, or improve it by taking it to a whole new level.

What is certainly interesting about these recent set of announcements, especially for UK fans, is that the character designs and aesthetics of the series appear to reflect a more modern, adult anime style – something rarely seen in anime shows broadcast in this country. Sadly, this may be an indication that the series is will only be released on DVD/Blu-ray here, as opposed to being broadcast on its old CITV home, or indeed any other channel. On the other hand, it could prove to be a good thing, since with a DVD-only release, viewers would not be subjected to a cut-down version, edited to suit a particular audience or timeslot.

Whatever the outcome, when the show’s April 15th Japanese release date eventually arrives, the eyes of the whole world (digital or otherwise) will be on the release of this re-envisioned series.


The matured Digi-Destineds silhouttes are revealed.


The new look and matured Digi-Destined character art


The plot/script for an early scene or promo teaser


Digimon then and now image courtesy of listanime

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