Pokémon Uranium: Unofficial Fan-Made Game Features Radioactive Monsters


Wild, uncontrollable monsters affected by nuclear radiation stalk the landscape, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Nope, we’re not talking about Godzilla: this is the main plot of Pokémon Uranium, an unofficial game currently being developed by a talented Pokéfan team JV and Involuntary Twitch.

avatar1Created in RPGMaker XP, Pokémon Uranium is set in Tandor, a lush, tropical region mixing seaside cities with sprawling rainforests and deep-sea lava vents in designs inspired by real locations such as Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles and Venice. Inevitably, though, there’s trouble in paradise: radiation seeping from the region’s nuclear power plants has begun to affect wild Pokémon. The new, unique Nuclear type is rapidly spreading around Tandor like a virus, turning out monsters that will not listen to trainers and attack and destroy everything in sight with their overwhelming power. However, while these corrupted creatures pack a punch, being super effective against every other type, their defences have also been weakened by the effects of the radiation, making every other type super effective against them. This means that, as long as you can get in first with a speedy Pokémon, you should be able to beat them.

Ecological catastrophe is not the only mature theme to be dealt with in the game: your character also comes with a complex family history. Players can choose between male and female characters Vitor and Natalie. In either case, the story is the same: your mother died in an accident at the power station when you were three (more Godzilla inspiration?), and your father works hard as a Pokémon Ranger to support you, leaving you primarily in the care of an elderly auntie. As Auntie struggles to look after you in her old age, you decide to seek out a job of your own and, at the tender age of 13, you are offered a research position helping the local Pokémon professor, Bamb’o, by filling up a Pokédex.


As usual, there are eight Gym Leaders and a group of Elites to battle along the way, as well as a whingey rival called Theo, who’s a few years younger than your character. There’s also an interesting side quest involving a Pokémon Speech Translator, a rare, highly sought-after device that allows humans and Pokémon to communicate.

9751366_origThe game developers have managed to factor in the interconnectivity that has been one of the most important features of the Pokémon series since its beginning. Pokémon Uranium players will be able to link up via the Global Trade Station, Wonder Trade and Virtual Trainer Battle features. A little different to conventional battles, Virtual Trainer Battle involves saving your Pokémon in an online database, allowing other trainers to battle an AI-controlled version of your team. Finally, you can also set your game to “Nuzlocke Mode”, based on the Nuzlocke Challenge, a set of tough rules popularised by a pre-existing web comic. The Nuzlocke Challenge states that trainers may only capture the first Pokémon they encounter in each area, and that every time a monster faints, it must be immediately released. In Pokémon Uranium, there are additional options that can be enabled or disabled, such as raising enemy Pokémon levels, disabling held items and preventing anything from being purchased in PokéMarts.

Though the game is not yet complete, if you’d like to get a taster, the fourth Beta is currently available to download from the game’s website, with 7 gyms and 135 kinds of Pokémon. Check out the latest trailer below:

Source: Kotaku | Pokémon Uranium

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