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Have you ever wondered about how your fellow Pokémon trainers are using Wonder Trade? Well, whether you’re the generous sort or culpable of clogging up the system with Magikarp, you might be interested to see how your experience matches up to that of Wonder Traders around the world.

Created by Tyler Stark (aka TheIronDeveloper), the Wonder Trades Analytics app collates user-submitted data to provide an overview of how the feature is being used. The idea came from a project previously set up by Stark called PokéWonderTrade which recorded data on 300 Wonder Trades he engaged in with other users. Although he did receive a fair number of common, easy-to-catch monsters, the results overall actually revealed a surprising level of diversity in the Pokémon traded, suggesting that players are more generous than you might expect.

The Tyler Stark pie chartnew app enables anyone interested to record the details of their own Wonder Trades, including whether or not they were satisfied with the Pokémon they received. So far, the app has recorded a total of 59,065 trades, thanks in large part to contributors from the /r/WonderTrade subreddit. It also includes a page comparing data from before and after the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Here are a few of the key facts and figures for you:

  • Eevee is the most commonly traded Pokémon, followed closely by Froakie, Charmander and Fletchling
  • The majority of trades were recorded by players in the US, followed by Japan. The UK comes third, but accounts for a significantly smaller proportion of the data.
  • 3045 Wonder Trades were recorded in the UK, with the vast majority of  Wonder Traders based in England
  • Froakie was the most commonly traded Pokémon in the UK, followed by Eevee, Fletchling and Charmander
  • Just 1.17% of all traded Pokémon were infected with PokéRus, while 0.61% were Shiny
  • Since the release of ORAS, there has been a sharp increase in the trading of common Pokémon like Zigzagoon, Wurmple and Poochyena.
  • Overall, 37.86% of people were happy with the Pokémon they received.

While the stats might not be comprehensive, they do offer an interesting insight into the kinds of Pokémon being traded and what users like and dislike, which could be useful for anyone interested in improving the Wonder Trade experience. If you’d like to help out, you can find more information about contributing here.

Source: Wonder Trade Analytics

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