4TE’s release debut double A-side, MOVE/Ippo Zutsu review

1420010739One of the most striking things about indie quartet, 4TE is the geographical distance between each member – Mei, Jenny, Chii and Micchi – and the cohesion evident in their first double A-side release, MORE and Ippo Zutsu.*

Taking inspiration from Perfume and Kumi Koda, MORE—the first of the two tracks—certainly bears a notable Yasutaka Nakata influence, primarily in the bridge and chorus. There is also something of Berryz Koubou‘s releases circa 2012 and 2013, specifically WANT! and Asian Celebration – although maybe with a little less disco.

Ippo Zutsu likewise has a suitably Perfume-lite arrangement in its production and composition, the only downside of which is that it makes the listener perhaps a little too nostalgic for the output of the aforementioned Hiroshima three-piece.

It’s a solid start for the group, but what is truly striking is the professionalism with which the promotional material is put together, which marks a decided evolution in the growing selection of net based groups.

Although there is obviously a marked difference in the focus and goals of 4TE to the explosion of the Western YouTube idol scene from 2008 onward, it is interesting to note that the possibility of such a unit existing as an indie group prior to the advent of current mass-media would have been impossible.

We’ve come a long way since hardcore’s do-it-yourself scene in Southern California.

4TE do an incredibly admirable job of using J-pop influences in their music. It will certainly be interesting to see how they develop from here on in.

You can view the music video for MORE below.

For more details, make sure to head over to the group’s official site.

* As a brief aside, can I just say how wonderful it is that we are still using terms such as double A-side in the face of today’s competitive digital distribution methods.

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