Korea’s Arirang TV to make its way to UK TV screens

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Fans of the Korean entertainment industry and Korean TV shows will be very glad to hear about the expansion of Arirang TV onto British screens. This is being made possible thanks to Sky and Freesat. This will be the first ever Korean broadcast station to hit British screens with scheduled programmes to begin within the next four months.

With a potential viewership of over 130 million people worldwide the network has recently switched to an HD channel and has been planning to air its programmes in Europe and South America after its strong presence in Asia and North America. Known as “Asia’s Heartbeat” Arirang has a wide selection of programmes covering many areas of Korean culture, including some specific shows based around K-pop idols such as “Simply Kpop” which is Korea’s idea of the UK’s sadly missed “Top Of The Pops“. There is also “After School Club” which is hosted by K-pop singers Eric Nam and Kevin from the boy group U-KISS, in which they allow fans from around the world to ask questions, send in fanart, and perform for their favourite K-pop idols.

As a huge step for Korea’s entertainment industry, this allows fans the chance to watch some of their favourite shows as it is aired in Korea by just tuning in on their television screens, rather than rushing on the internet to find fan subs, or the constant battle of incorrect subtitles. Now everything will be at the press of a button.

Listed and linked below are a few of the most popular shows from Arirang. Be sure to check out Arirang’s official Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Website for more updates.

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Chef’s Foodcation – Official Page
Discover World – Official Page
Heart To Heart – Official Page
K-Populous – Official Page
Korea Today – Official Page
Korea On The Move – Official Page
Pops In Seoul – Official Page
Showbiz Korea – Official Page
Simply K-pop – Official Page
The Innerview – Official Page
The Sensation – Official Page

Source: Korea Bizwire

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