Asia House Film Festival 2015

Taking place in a number of venues across West London and East London this month, the ASIA HOUSE FILM FESTIVAL 2015 promises a number of UK premieres of films from across Asia—from Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesian, India, Japan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.

In the Absense of the Sun

In the Absense of the Sun

Taking place over the 27th to the 31st March this year, the festival is the seventh in a long running series and will screen ten unique films, each one from across Asia and featuring a distinct subject, beginning with Lucky Kuswandi‘s In the Absence of the Sun.

Over the course of five days, the festival will explore issues pertaining to culture and history—from the musical heritage of the didgeridoo in Tetsuaki Matsue‘s Flashback Memories (presented in 3D) to the history of the Mongolian film industry in Byamba Sakhya‘s Passion.

Highlights promise to be Kulikar Sotho‘s exploration of Cambodia society and film-making prior to Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in The Last Reel, Ali Khamraev‘s Uzbek spaghetti western, The Seventh Bullet, and Alexander Dluzak and Carsten Piefke‘s documentary, Yangon Calling – Punk in Myanmar.

Kulikar Sotho will also be attendance at the premiere of her film and will answering questions from the audience following the event.

Also showing will be Minh Nguyen-Vo‘s Vietnamese dystopian science-fiction epic, NUOC 2030 and a number of short films covering a diverse amount of topics.

Further details and ticket promises can be found at the ASIA HOUSE FILM FESTIVAL 2015 website.

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