Sleepy Hollow panel with Tom Mison at MCM Birmingham Comic Con


Audiences lost their heads over Fox’s supernatural television series Sleepy Hollow. In this adaptation, the character of Ichabod Crane has been resurrected in 21st Century New York where he is pitted against old adversary, The Headless Horseman. With the second season having recently come to an end in the US, Tom Mison, the British actor who portrays the Revolutionary War soldier attended MCM Birmingham Comic Con to discuss the world of Sleepy Hollow.

The panel started with Tom being asked how he felt about the UK response to the show. “It’s nice,” he said. “This is my first convention at home. I did a couple at San Diego Comic Con, so it’s nice to come back and have all of the fans be very supportive.”

Tom then took the opportunity to thank the fans for their support. Asked when he first got the indication that Sleepy Hollow was a huge success, Tom admitted that he wasn’t so sure.

“We’ve been in a small town in North Carolina filming and there’s no way of knowing how popular the show is… until we come to Comic Cons and people seem to like the show.”

It was then time for the fans to ask their questions. One fan wanted to know what the most challenging scene was to film.

“Running around the woods at four in the morning, wearing a wig and a wool coat never got easier,” Tom admitted. “They never got nice. They were awful.” Tom also declared that remebering all of the dates for the show is hard to do as well.

Tom was then asked about the production of an episode of Sleepy Hollow and how long it takes him to remember a script. Tom admitted that “There have been times when we’ve been shooting two or three episodes at the same time and so there isn’t an awful lot of time to learn lots and lots of lines.”

Tom_Mison_MCM_Birmingham_7135Being in nearly every scene of the show, including a lot of fight scenes, one fan wanted to know how Tom manages to balance all of the work. “Panic,” he joked. “Panic forces me to do it. There are a lot of fight scenes with Neil who plays The Headless Horeseman. He has lots of time to prepare, I turn up with twenty minutes to learn a fight.”

Tom was then asked how he gets to grip with numerous accents he has to speak in the show. “The writers seem to have a bet which dialect or accent will destroy me,” Tom joked. “There’s been German, Latin, but the hardest one was a Native American dialect. They gave that to me two weeks before shooting the scene and I was having Skype calls with a Native American professor who was living in Canada and after two weeks, I still couldn’t get the accent right.”

Tom then told a story of when the day of the shoot came, he stuck a piece of paper which included notes of how to speak the dialect to the back of a skull prop he was using and hoped no one would notice. “I couldn’t even read my bad writing,” Tom said with a smile.

Asked if there had ever been moments when Tom has thought ‘What am I doing?’ while filming, Tom joked that those moments were “Everyday of my life. It’s like that with any job. I’m being paid to put on someone else’s clothes and shout at another man and I’m very lucky for it.”

Tom was then asked out of all the monsters he has faced on Sleepy Hollow, which one frightened him the most. “Very early on there was the Sandman,” Tom admitted. “There is an episode coming out soon here with creatures called Reavers. They have fish hooks holding their eyes open and maimed mouths and they run at you and scream. They are frightening.”

When asked what it was like working with John Noble, Tom replied that he is, “The most delightful man and such a brilliant classy actor. The very first scene we had together was us sitting opposite each other and included him stabbing me in the hand; that was a nice introduction. But from the first moment we met I knew that he was gorgeous. He’s a great man.”

Another fan wanted to know what Tom’s favourite scene to film has been so far. “I quite liked the bank scene,” Tom said. “That scene was an opportunity for Ichabod to not only be confused by pens on change but also to meet a banker.”

Tom then admitted that he’d like to see Ichabod vist a shrink sometime in the show. “I’d like to see him visit a pyschologist and send the the pyschologist insanse.”

Asked what he does to unwind and chill out, Tom replied that “There’s not an awful lot of chill out time. We’ve been doing sixeteen hour days and six day weeks so the way I relax is to pass out with a nice gin and tonic. I like to read as much as I can as well, and in doing so this year, I have rekindled my love for comics.”

Tom was then asked if there was any comic that he would love to star in. “I’d like to be the Black Knight, that’s a very cool one.”

Tom_Mison_MCM_Birmingham_7145A fan then wondered if there had even been a time where Tom has looked at one of his many costumes and thought ‘That just looks weird.‘ “I’m quite proud of the costume,” Tom replied. “Despite it being uncomfortable, I find it really helpful. It always reminds me of the character. When actors put their costume on, the character appears just like that.”

Finally, Tom was asked what he enjoys the most about filming Sleepy Hollow. “There are a lot of moments where Ichabod is confused by the present day, ” Tom said. “That’s always a treat doing those parts when someone gives you something completely mundane like a mobile phone, and just having a job where you’re allowed to have a childish sense of wonder about everything. It’s such a treat.”

Tom also praised the writers and the cast and declared that it’s wonderful to come into work knowing that he’ll be working with actors like John Noble and Lyndie Greenwood. And with that, the panel came to a close as Tom thanked the fans for their questions.



  1. whoissherrie says:

    You know he actually did mention his CO-STAR Nicole Beharie more than once in this interview. WTH?

  2. Sam says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure he mentioned Nicole Beharie a handful of times. There was that hilarious bit about them running around in the woods all grimy and him teasing her about her Juilliard training.

    • Sheesh says:

      And no one in England knows what Julliard is (which is why Tom had to explain it to the room). This is why they probably left it out. Not everything is a conspiracy against Nicole Beharie. Good lord.

      • Sam says:

        But they mentioned both Lyndie Greenwood and John Noble but omitted Nicole when he said her name with theirs in reference to loving working with his cast mates. That’s why it’s weird.

  3. mango8 says:

    I know it must be uncomfortable for you to understand/comprehend/accept but Nicole Beharie also stars in Sleepy Hollow. And get used to it because she’ll be there in Season 3 and the focus will be back on the Abbie & Crane partnership. Please check your bias & privilege.

  4. Porschia Reynolds says:

    So why did you edit out all mentions of his CO-STAR? The goddess Nicole Beharie? Foul as heck:

  5. Pokigi says:

    Why isn’t Nicole mentioned in this, she’s his co-star.

  6. Liz says:

    How can you write an ENTIRE article about Sleepy Hollow and not mention Nicole Beharie? Tom actually referenced her several times. This article is pretty one sided if you ask me…

  7. jupisan . says:

    Tom mentions Nicole several times you know, his costar and co lead of Sleepy Hollow.

  8. Darla says:

    This article is bullshit. Tom mentioned Nicole’s name on more than one occassion. You delicberatly erased her from this article. How the hell you write an article about the panel and leave her out of it. But mention John, Lyndie, and Neil. Really. Like I said, bullshit. AND PETTY.

  9. CW says:

    Why is it that you’ve omitted everything he said about co-lead, Nicole Beharie?

    • Hollowist says:

      Please note that this coverage is of one of the two panels and so it will only contain reference to what was commented on during that panel, this was from the Sunday. The references to Miss Beharie were made on the Saturday.

      • Barbara Ruffin says:

        It doesn’t matter whether he mention her Saturday or Sunday at this panel he did mentioned her and who ever wrote this choose to ommited what he said either way.. which is such BS because she is the Co-Star of the show.. such blanted disregard of Ms. Beharie is appalling,

  10. Interesting says:

    Here is the story they wrote LAST YEAR when Nicole, Lyndie, and Katia attended the Birmingham convention. We saw their panel, too, and Tom was mentioned by the ladies several times. Yet this story does not mention him at all. Where was your outrage then? He is the CO-LEAD of this show, is he not? MAYBE, they just write their stories about the actors who are ACTUALLY THERE. Sheesh.

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