MCM Comic Con reveal London event exclusive merchandise

MCM Comic Con Stuart Claw action figureMCM Comic Con is proud to announce that they are stepping into the world of official merchandise with the launch of their first piece of official MCM Comic Con merchandise in the form of action figures based on MCM Theatre host Stuart Claw and MCM Comic Con cosplay supremo, Granny Gertrude.

The figures will be launched this May as part of the MCM London Comic Con and will be based on designs by MCM Buzz artist Claire Courtney. Each of the two figures is 6” inchs tall and features multiple points of articulation that allow for each of the figures to be placed in a variety of poses. Each figure is also packaged with a selection of unique accessories that have been designed to mimic the actual person. The Stuart figure comes with a suit jacket, microphone, box of freebies and box of original flavoured Pocky. The Granny Gertrude figure on the other hand comes aside from the suit jacket comes with his Granny Hammer and a clip board that even has a list of popular cosplays written on it.

To support these figures MCM Comic Con will also be releasing two official MCM Comic Con action figure playsets (Action figures sold separately) based on the figures. The first is a replica of the MCM Theatre and will feature a giant screen, a stage and some toy chairs. The second playset comes in the form of a ball pool which comes with small plastics balls that whilst not suitable for attendees under 5 will give that authentic ball pool look and feel.

As if this was not enough and to mimic the classic action figure trope of Kung Fu grip, each figure will have two unique actions, one will be available out of the box, the other will occur when the figures are used on the MCM Comic Con playsets. The Stuart Claw figures comes with Microphone Grip™ and when placed on the designated spot on the MCM Theatre playset the figure will say one of two catchphrases, either “Who Wants Freebies,” or “Our next panel in the MCM Theatre.” Meanwhile the Granny Gertrude figure will come with the Granny Hammer Swing™ a move which when combined with the Granny Hammer accessory gives an authentic hammering motion. The second action occurs when you place the figure in the ball pool playset and will see Granny scream, “Who doesn’t like ball pools,” or “Every event needs a ball pool.”

MCM Comic Con Granny Gertrude action figure“I was stunned when I was asked if I was asked if I would lend my likeness to the action figure,” commented Stuart, “I have played with action figures ever since I was a child and it is a thrill to think that future generations will be able to re-enact their favourite or dream MCM Theatre moments with a figure of me.”

The figures will be sold as event exclusive and can be purchased from the Tokyo Toys stand for £10 each or £15 for both and the playsets will be sold for an additional £10 each. All of the items can be purchased at the event but will be limited to 100 of each figure and playset per day. There will also be a special offer for those who pre-order them prior to the show which will allow you to purchase both figures and the playset for £30.

Pre-orders will be available from May 1st on both the MCM London Comic Con and Tokyo Toys websites. Tickets for the event can also be purchased for the now three day event from here.

 *Update* In case you hadn’t guessed it yet, this is an April Fool. Thank you for reading*




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