Webby Award-Nominated Show Peacekeepers Launches Indiegogo Campaign

peacekeepers maria and jacques

Since the release of its pilot episode early last year, sci-fi drama Peacekeepers has been gradually building up an impressive online profile, developing an international fanbase and picking up nominations for several prestigious awards, including Best Web Show of the Year in the 2015 Shorty Awards, IndieWIRE’s Project of the Year 2014, and most recently, Best Drama: Long Form or Series in the 2015 Webby Awards (still open for voting!).

Some of you may have caught the Vidfest UK screening at last October’s MCM London Comic Con, or even watched the pilot online, but for those who missed our previous coverage, here’s a quick recap of the story. In a New York that’s in other respects very much like our own, select individuals have begun receiving mysterious messages. Texts sent direct to their phones inform them of deaths about to take place nearby, from suicides and car crashes, to a slip into the lion pit at the Bronx Zoo. Though no one knows where they come from, they enable their recipients to save hundreds of lives, leading some to believe they’re some kind of divine intervention. But if the so-called “Peacekeeper” sending the texts really is God, why act now, and why does he need ordinary people to help him? As the story progresses, hints of darker forces at play begin to surface, with the suggestion that our protagonist, Alana, may be in danger.

Created by Charlie Reeves (Whatever This IsGothamThe Knick) and Maria Makenna, the show stars Makenna as Alana, alongside Madeline Wise (Whatever This Is) as her best friend, Sophie, Tommy Heleringer (The OutsWhatever This IsGayby) as their local bartender, Connor, and Jacques Mitchell (Tom in AmericaAll My Children) as Alana’s shady love interest, Michael. Future episodes will also feature an appearance from Welcome to Night Vale narrator Cecil Baldwin.

Peacekeepers Phone

Peacekeepers previously launched a Kickstarter campaign, which sadly didn’t quite meet its full target. We’d like to think that this time, the show will get the support it needs and definitely deserves, but just in case, Indiegogo’s Flexible Funding feature provides a safety net for great projects to fall back on, meaning that regardless of what happens, the team will receive every pound or dollar that you pledge. Perks on offer range from digital downloads and “Texts from a Peacekeeper”, to signed scripts, T-shirts, credits and even a chance to be an extra in the show!

Hit play below to watch the pilot episode, “The Long Way Down”, or click here to visit the Indiegogo campaign page. If you’d like to find out more about the show, you can also check out our interview with writer/director Charlie Reeves here.

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