Robot Overlords panel to take place at MCM Belfast Comic Con

Robot Overlords quad posterThe upcoming MCM Belfast Comic Con will see a Robot Overlords panel with co-writer and author Mark Stay and visual effects artist Daniel Churchill.

The British sci-fi film was released in cinemas in March and tells how humans are left confined to their homes after losing the war against robots. Implanted with a tracking system so that the robots can keep an eye on everyone, should anyone step outside it could result in being killed by a huge Sentry. Amid the ruins a small group of kids led by Sean Flynn (Callan McAuliffe) have found a way to temporarily power down their implants. They then start a human resistance.

Mark Stay co-wrote Robot Overlords with director Jon Wright and also wrote the novelisation of the film. He was also in attendance at MCM Birmingham and described the film as being heavily inspired by Spielberg. “We wanted to make something for kids of about 10 or 11 years old,” said Stay of the film. “You don’t see many films set on streets like these that are familiar to them so when they see this, they really project onto the characters.”

Daniel Churchill is with the VFX company Nvizible that worked on the film. Churchill has also worked on the films Attack the Block and Frankenweenie.

The Robot Overlords panel will take place on Saturday 2nd May at 3pm.

MCM Belfast Comic Con takes place at the Kings Hall Complex on 2-3 May. You can purchase tickets and find out more information about the event by clicking here.

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