JYJ’s Junsu Announces “The Game Begins” With New Music Video Release


Previously we reported that JYJ’s Kim Junsu along with a star-studded cast would be performing in the latest Korean anime-to-musical adaptation, Death Note: The Musical. With the upcoming show gaining coverage worldwide and generating excitement amongst both K-pop enthusiasts and fans of the anime and movie series, Junsu has now released the music video for “The Game Begins“, one of the songs that helps explain her character, L.

The music video shows Junsu as the much loved eccentric genius L, bare-footed, dressed in white and imitating the enigmatic character’s signature pose. The room he walks around in is akin to that in which we see L eating his sweets and feeling his way through problematic moments within the manga. The scene then changes to something a little more sinister with the use of white smoke on a black background, creating a creepy yet enticing glimpse into the character’s mind. The video is also interspersed with behind-the-scenes clips, showing Junsu singing his song full pelt within the recording studio.

Released a few days beforehand was a promotional video showing the making of the character trailer. Full of laughter and smiles, it seems that the cast have a good rapport with each other, but also shows that they have studied their characters well. There are some key poses, scenes, and even mannerisms seen throughout the video that can be clearly traced back to the manga, anime and movie series.

Starring Hong Kwang Ho as Yagami Light, Jung Seo Ah as MisaPark Hye Na as Rem and Kang Hong Seok as the Shinigami Ryuk, there’s little doubt that this musical is going to be a hit!

Death Note: The Musical will be staged at the Seongnam Arts Centre Opera House from June 20th – August 9th, with tickets now available from Interpark. If you are in South Korea during that time, be sure to check out the other musicals on offer for something a little bit different!

Click play below to watch the music video for “The Game Begins” and the behind-the-scenes video.

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