Cops and Monsters: British Supernatural Web Show Launches Indiegogo Campaign


In a not-so-distant future where Scotland is inhabited by werewolves, vampires and zombies (but not ghosts – they don’t exist), a special government unit is tasked with policing and protecting the supernatural and managing their relationship with ordinary folk. Cops and Monsters follows the P.I.T. (that’s Paranormal Investigation Team) Scotland as they attempt to keep control in an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable world.

Created by indie filmmaker Fraser Coull, the web series stars Doctor Who‘s Caitlin Blackwood (young Amelia Pond) and Sarah Louise Madison (Weeping Angel) and Wolfblood‘s Rachel Teate (Kara), along with Billy Kirkwood (The School of Silence, Shetland, Vera) and Simon Weir (Waterloo RoadRiver City). Though not yet officially cast, Pixie Le Knot, who plays Kayla in Game of Thrones, has also expressed an interest in joining the show.

Co-written by Coull and Mark Harvey, the pilot episode introduces a young vampire brought in for questioning by the P.I.T., an unhappy hostage forced to miss out on his favourite TV show, and an old lady dragged into a dark room by a werewolf. MCM Buzz spoke to Coull to find out more about the project.


“When the series starts, the P.I.T. has been running for five years,” he said. “Its core members are good guys and are doing whatever they can to keep the peace, but then there are bureaucrats who have got their own agenda. […] We’ve set the story in Scotland because it’s easier to explain the accent, even though we’ve got some Welsh, English and Irish people. Also it’s hardly ever sunny in Scotland, so it’s perfect for vampires. Don’t judge us, but it would have worked out quite well for this if the referendum had gone the other way, because we wouldn’t have had to worry about bringing other governments into it!”

At the heart of the story is Eve Mitchell (Kirsty Strain), the over-worked team leader struggling to cope with the pressures of her job. Joining her on the team are Grace (Rachel Teate) and Tom, young “noobs” who still have a lot to learn.

“Grace starts out at an academy designed to train people to be part of the government’s paranormal investigations, and she gets drawn in as a graduate after something happens one of the team members – I’m not going to say what! So she’s thrown into this world where everything’s completely new: she’s read all the text books but she’s never experienced any of it first hand, and she’s trying to pick up everything as quickly as possible. The rest of the team call her the ‘Work Experience’. Eve gets annoyed with her because she hasn’t got the time to babysit, but on the other hand, Tom has only been out of the academy for a year or two, and it’s great for him not to be the new boy any more, so there’s quite a nice relationship between him and Grace.”


Together, the team must hunt for “The Weapon”, a powerful werewolf who can transform without a full moon, in order to prevent the bad guys from getting there first. The evil forces they contend with include the sinister Cult of Many Faces (Billy Kirkwood) who, despite the name, is actually just one man.

“The many faces are all the voices in his head,” Coull explained. “He loves chaos and being in the middle of it all, and thinks that if he has a weaponised werewolf friend then everything will be much more fun for him.”

Not all supernatural beings are on the dark side, however. Julia (Sarah Louise Madison), the vampire we first meet in the pilot, has a key role to play in the series.

“She’s very much a trouble-maker, but she does have a conscience. I think you get the impression that vampires are mostly bad guys, and werewolves are mostly good guys, but we’ve played about with that: it’s not true of all of them.”


Meanwhile, Caitlin Blackwood will join the series later as a young werewolf with an important part to play – but that’s as much as we can say so far! Nevertheless, we’re definitely excited about the prospect of seeing Baby Pond back on our screens, and we’re sure you will be too. But if that still hasn’t sold you, in the Cult’s own words, “there’ll be plenty of adventures, drama, romance, nasty dirty fun…there’ll be vampires, werewolves, brutal murders and rivers and rivers of blood.”

Cops and Monsters is looking to raise just £8,000 – a small goal in production terms, and one that, with a little help, it should be able to meet. Perks on offer include signed scripts, props, badges and posters, as well as the chance to be a monster in the show! To find out more about the series or to show your support, visit the Indiegogo campaign page. You can also check out the pilot episode, “The Weapon”, below:

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