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Jurassic Park might well be one of the most loved film franchises of all time, but when it comes to games it seems like 65 million years since we’ve seen something special. As the hype ramps up for Jurassic World, MCM Buzz have been splicing together the DNA of this decade’s best games and resurrecting some old favourites to put together a list of Jurassic games we’d love to see find a way (get it?) to our living rooms:


Jurassic Park: Escape from Isla Nublar 

A Jurassic game that channels the terrifying tension of Outlast and Amnesia would be an incredible entry to their games portfolio. Imagine a game with all the tension of that famous kitchen scene as you find yourself unarmed and completely terrified, with only your wit, guile and reflective kitchen cupboards to protect you from prehistoric predators on the hunt. InGen has gone into complete lockdown and it’s up to you to uncover the secrets of the park as you explore the laboratory, climbing the rafters above the visitor center and hiding wherever you can to avoid those ravenous raptors.



Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis II 

2003’s Operation Genesis gave fans the power to create their own version of the iconic amusement park. In this Tycoon-style park management game the player was treated to an incredibly diverse builder interface, allowing you to alter the land, build your own enclosures, amenities and most importantly populate your park with your favourite dino-species. With the current power of next-gen consoles and cutting edge PCs skyrocketing it’s the perfect time to return to Isla Nublar to build your own Jurassic Park that’s grander than ever. Just imagine having the ability to design enormous attractions in glorious 1080p, build an aquatic enclosure to house Jurassic World’s Mosasaur or even breaking down the walls or even splice a new dinosaur hybrid of your own for onlookers to admire. Of course there is also much to be said for removing the walls to your T-Rex enclosure and watching her run riot…

Operation Genesis


Naughty Dog Studios Presents Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Think about the most action-packed parts of Jurassic Park, there’s climbing, jumping and running away from nature’s most fearsome creations. The legendary cinematic gameplay that the Uncharted series has championed would be a perfect fit to bring this prehistoric adventure game to life. Picture your rugged adventurer leaping across cragged cliffs as a pack of hungry raptors are in pursuit below, waiting for you to fall as you navigate the island’s dangerously beautiful landscape. Not only would the action be top-tier but Naughty Dog Studios could bring the world of Jurassic Park to life, using their incredible detailed and lush environments and their ability to flesh out their characters so their stories truly stay with you. Imagine characters like Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us making their way through the prehistoric perils of Jurassic Park.



Telltale Games Presents Jurassic World

This entry is kind of a cheat, as Telltale did in fact release an episodic Jurassic Park series back before their huge success with their The Walking Dead series. Reviews observe that the controls were clunky and the story was uninspired, and people were generally disappointed that the game didn’t measure up to its big screen inspiration. Today the story of Telltale Games has been turned on its head, the ground-breaking studio houses some of the best game writers and designers in the biz, consitently earning critical acclaim and an unmatched reputation for stellar storylines, engaging and intertwining character arcs and their uniquely refined and meaningful player choices and plot twists. Jurassic World would be the perfect opportunity for Telltale to resurrect their partnership with Jurassic Park and start over with Universal’s Jurassic reboot.



LEGO Jurassic World

This one we don’t have to imagine, as through the power of Warner Bros’ Games and TT, those who grew up on a steady combination of these two mediums can finally combine them in a well-constructed explosion of nostalgia. The game will take players through all three original adventures as well as Jurassic World itself. The family friendly co-operative nature of TT games’ light-hearted romps through some of the world’s biggest franchises bring a sense of fun and charm that is hard not to warm up to, even in the face of 9-inch-long teeth. You can even create your own dinosaur made up of the game’s existing dinos; finally there is a way to give a T-Rex the proportionate arms it deserves. LEGO games always bring a keen sense of imagination when it comes to recreating iconic scenes from classic films, and we’re excited to see how this will work in the unique world of Jurassic Park. 

If the thought of seeing a LEGO Dr. Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) fills you with the same feeling of awe as it does for us, come experience it for yourself at MCM London Comic Con this weekend. If you have some ideas for a Jurassic Park game you’d love to see, let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @MCMBUZZ.

LEGO Jurassic World will be released this June, and is available to play this weekend at MCM London Comic Con.

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