Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile unveiled at MCM London Comic Con



With the convention weekend now underway, we can officially announce the first big reveal of this May’s MCM London Comic Con: this morning, our friends at WB Games unveiled a lifesize replica of Batman’s vehicle from its new Batman: Arkham Knight game. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, the Batmobile:

DSC_0651This amazing model is a one of a kind item, worth around $360, 000. But if that sounds like a lot, try comparing it to the three working Batmobiles created for the next movie – each of those  cost around $1.5 million!

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If you’re at MCM London Comic Con this weekend, make sure you check out this fantastic creation for yourself, and don’t forget to try out the Batman: Arkham Knight game at the WB Games stand! Check back to MCM Buzz for further Batman announcements….

Photographs from top-bottom by John Shek, Jack Tindall and Willow Wood.

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