LEGO Jurassic World at MCM London Comic Con


Objects in your wing mirror may be closer than they appear…

Things just became prehistoric here at the MCM London Comic Con Games Dome as Jurassic World opens its gates. LEGO masterminds TT Games are keeping the details of the Jurassic World adventure heavily under wraps until the film is released in cinemas, but as LEGO Jurassic World covers all of the original Jurassic Park trilogy, there was plenty of nostalgia-inducing goodness to cover.

Fastening our InGen seatbelts, we embarked to Isla Nublar and were treated to some exclusive footage of the original Jurassic Park like we’d never seen it before. Jamie Eden, the game’s director presented the panel, whilst lead story designer Graham Goring played through the exclusive MCM London content.


“That is one big pile of bricks”

The adventure began with the triceratops scene, as Dr. Ellie Sattler steps off Jurassic Park’s first guided tour to help the hurting herbivore. The gameplay feels familiar, drawing from the LEGO games before it as you swap out between LEGO figures to solve puzzles to jump, climb and smash your way through the levels. One thing that has changed is that you can play as the real stars of the park, the dinosaurs themselves. Unlike any characters in previous games, the dinos add an extra dimension to the game, allowing for more versatile level design and a host of new abilities. Many of the larger animals can charge to knock over objects and create bridges, and Jamie Eden revealed that the enormous aquatic Mosasaur is playable and even has its own area in one of the game’s two open world islands.

In the iconic T-Rex car chase once the player has unlocked LEGO’s free play mode you can return and play the level over as the pursuing predator. In order to counteract the terror that some of these magnificent creatures brought to the big screen in 1993, TT Games have added their signature comic twist to many of the scenes; dinosaurs can be distracted by bones, frisbees and rubber ducks and Gennaro ends up in the mouth of the T-Rex only to brush her teeth!

This doesn’t mean the game’s characters have been ignored, and a love of the source material and attention to detail makes them feel distinct from previous game figures. As an expert paleobotanist Ellie can grow plants to affect the level and grow bridges, platforms and alter the environment. She can even dive head first into dino droppings, whilst most characters won’t go near them. Muldoon can track dinosaurs, fire tranquilliser darts and is best suited for general acts of badassery, whilst Lex can hack terminals and shatter windows with her ear-piercing scream. You can even play as the animated strand of genetic code Mr. DNA.

Raptors are the only dinos that can build LEGO structures, clever girl...

Raptors are the only dinos that can build LEGO structures, clever girl…

The TT Games veterans followed up their panel to share a series of facts about the game in an engaging Q&A, revealing that it will have 20 levels, five for each film, dinosaur skeletons will be playable characters and there will be dinosaur races on the ground and in the air. Lastly, perhaps my favourite; there will be a cheat brick that dresses all the characters in Dennis Nedry’s horrible Hawaiian shirts.

Lego Jurassic World will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii U on the 12th of June 2015.

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