E3 Coverage On MCM Buzz – Are You Ready?


As most of our readers will know by now, it’s Christmas wishlist time for gamers!  That’s right, people: this week, it’s E3, a time when the video game world waits with baited breath to see what some of the world’s biggest gaming companies are planning to bring to their consoles, as well as what you can expect from them in terms of future download content.

So ready your popcorn, have your energy drinks at hand, and prepare for a long 3 days of exclusive gaming content! Times for planned announcements are as follows:


3:00AM GMT – Bethesda
5:30PM GMT – Microsoft
9:00PM GMT – Electronic Arts
11:00PM GMT – Ubisoft


2:00AM GMT – Sony
5:00PM GMT – Nintendo
6:00PM GMT – Square Enix


1:00AM GMT – The PC Gaming Show

As you can see, the fun starts at 3:00am on Monday 15th June for UK watchers, and will continue at different times throughout the 3 days.

So far, we already know a little about Fallout 4 which Bethesda decided to shout about before the event even started. There was also a slip-up with producers’ and hosts’ voices being accidentally live-streamed over the Bethesda Twitch account during the company’s press conference earlier today. Muffled voices could be heard in a deep conversation about Dishonoured 2, a little to the surprise of other staff members, who rushed into the meeting to tell participants they were in fact live and every word had been heard around the world! It also looks like Dark Souls 3 will be one of the biggest games to look out for at this year’s conference, with stills from the game having been leaked to the loveable guys at “The Know”.


Where can you catch the event as it is happening LIVE? Well, there are a few sites such as Twitch, IGN, Gamespot and, for the first time since E3 has been up and running, YouTube, which will be hosting special streams covering the event –  with the help of some of your favourite YouTube gamers, of course.

Naturally, MCM Buzz will also be ready and waiting to report on the exciting news set to follow over the next few days, so be sure to check back over the next few days for discussions, round-ups and coverage of everything that goes on at the E3 event. We’ll also be updating you via Facebook and Twitter so for quick news, or to get the latest on the go, so be sure to follow our social media accounts.

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