Review: Tumblin’ Stuart – The Minion Of A Million Laughs


The all new film Minions, a spin-off from the phenomenally successful Despicable Me franchise, centres on the iconic Minion characters introduced in the 2010 and 2013 films. Starting at the dawn of time as a single-celled yellow organism, Minions evolved through the ages, always serving the most despicable of masters.  Having proven unsuccessful at keeping bosses from T-Rex to Napoleon, the Minions find themselves with no one to serve and fall into some sad times.

But can our Minions be saved? Our friend Kevin has a plan, and with a little help from the teenage rebel Stuart and the loveable little Bob, he ventures off into the big wide world to find a new evil master for his brethren to follow. The trio embark on a journey that will ultimately lead them to their potential master, Scarlet Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock), the world’s first ever female super-villain.


A new movie as highly anticipated as Minions never comes without its own array of amazing merchandise, and Illumination Entertainment been working on some very interactive, very cute and true-to-character products that are a must-have for any child or fan of the franchise. MCM Buzz was given the chance to review one of these animatronic plush toys, which are now available in stores to promote the film’s cinema release. Out of the 22 new products now on offer, the one we received was “Tumblin’ Stuart“, the rebellious teenage Minion who falls forward and backward, but somehow always makes it back onto his feet. He’s never one to let a little stumble bring him down, and decides to make the event a big joke by talking (in his original Minions movie voice), laughing and certainly never needing a band-aid! If you talk to him, he will react, but watch out as he is prone to fits of the giggles!

Standing at around 10 inches tall, this cute toy has a plush body, a plastic eye, goggle and feet, and a hard body with moving motors. One thing that surprised me is the weight and height were pretty much exactly what you might have expected from a real Minion – if only they were real (sorry to shatter your dreams!). The age recommendation is given as 4+, but I would suggest testing out the toy before handing it over to younger children, as it could be a bit heavy for some, has a lot of moving motors and at one point I did get my little finger caught in the joint between the body and the legs.

The entertainment factor of the product is 80% silliness and 20% cuteness, with three settings on the bottom of his feet you have the option to have him turned off, a ‘Try Me’ setting or to have him fully switched on: it’s with this last setting that you get to witness him in full swing, throwing himself on the floor, cracking jokes and laughing. Testing this item with different ages from 6 years old to 64 years old proved a conclusive hit, with laughter all around and endless amounts of fun. It seems there’s something universally smile-inducing about watching a small, realistic-looking Minion farting, shouting banana and rolling around on the ground.

The packaging is large, but it’s easy to remove the toy. It comes with 6 AA batteries already for you to try it out, and includes an easy-to-follow instruction leaflet with information about how to use the toy and how to change its batteries. As general tip, I recommend that the toy is used on a table or other hard, smooth surface. Sometimes on soft or uneven surfaces, Stuart wont be able to stand up independently. Finally do NOT wash the product: you will have to wipe him down with a damp cloth and just be sure to treat him just like a real Minion. He has feelings too, you know!

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The RRP is £59.99 and, along with other Minions toys, is now available from most major retailers, including Argos, The Entertainer, Tescos, Toys R Us, Smyths, Toymasters, Selfridges, Claire’s, Primark and Shop Direct.

Personally, I’ve had a lot of fun hiding this fella all around my house and scaring the the others who live with me, as well as watching the children of family and friends enjoy playing with him. Overall then, I’d say this will definitely be a big hit with anyone who loves the Minions franchise.

Minions hits UK cinemas today. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the trailer below!

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