New Red Dwarf To Feature All-Mechanoid Episode

Kryten actor Robert Llewellyn has revealed that there will be a story in the upcoming new batch of Red Dwarf XI/XII episodes which features all the main cast as mechanoids.


He admits that he knows little else of what’s in store for the next two series, saying, “We’re all getting together in September to read the scripts. So until then we all genuinely haven’t got a clue.”

But he has been told about this one plot idea. “The only clue we have had, which was confirmed to me the other day, is that in one episode every member of the cast is a mechanoid. I don’t know how or why – whether it’s a Kryten dream or whatever the plot is – but we’re all mechanoids. So everyone is having a mask made for them. Because they all said they wanted to do it and I think they’ll all end up regretting it.”

Red Dwarf XI and XII have both been confirmed and will once again air on Dave, which also first broadcast the much-praised return to form Red Dwarf X. Red Dwarf XI is expected to premiere in 2016.


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