More TV Werewolves On The Way In Brooklyn Animal Control

Urban werewolves organised into criminal gangs will be the centre of attention in a new pilot show ordered by the USA Network in the States – Brooklyn Animal Control.

Brooklyn Animal ControlThe show is based on an IDW comic about a secret subdivision of the NYPD that serves as a social services for the city’s werewolves. “Social services” is a bit of a euphemism, however. They’re not concerned with distemper or mange. The werewolves have formed into a criminal underworld community known as the Kveld-Ulf.

Brooklyn Animal Control sounds like it’s going to grim, gritty, dour stuff with storylines concentrating on city politics, immigrant communities and families divided by “ambition, secrecy and tradition”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Place your bets on how long it’ll take one of the writers/producers says in an interview, “The werewolves are a metaphor…”

According to the USA Network’s exec vp of original programming Jackie de Crinis, though, “Fans of the comic book know that Brooklyn Animal Control is a thriller anchored inside the world of New York organised crime families. At its core, it is a family drama, albeit an unconventional one.” So she’s clearly expecting a hairier version of The Sopranos.

There are some impressive names amongst the executive producers including David S Goyer (Batman V Superman, Blade), Rick Jacobs (Spare Parts) and David Alpert (The Walking Dead). The comic book’s writer/creator JT Petty is also on board as a writer and exec producer. The show is the first fruit of a deal between IDW and The Walking Dead production company Circle Of Confusion to develop the comic publisher’s properties for the screen.

And if you’ve never heard of the comic, that’s because it was a one-shot back in 2013. Hmmm… one-shot, or backdoor TV series pitch?




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