10 Things Cult TV Actors Should Be Banned From Saying In Interviews

Inerview cliches

Actors may look like they live the life of Riley but you have to feel sorry for them when it comes to one aspect of the job – the press junket. Sometimes the stars of the latest cult (or heavily-promoted, soon-to-be flop) series are forced into a solid day of back-to-back interviews from the press, fielding the same questions over and over again. Is it any wonder they go into automatic?

This results in some regularly re-occurring soundbites that are now so meaningless that they’re pretty much white noise. So, PR gurus, if you want your stars to make your shows sound more interesting in interviews, here are the quotes that should be banned…

1 “The cast is like one big family”
2 “We’re making a movie every week”
3 “The next season is darker and grittier”
4 “The [insert supernatural creature here] are a metaphor”
5 “Our [Insert name of showrunner] is a genius”
6 “The network doesn’t understand the show”
7 “No, no, it’s not sci-fi, it’s drama”
8 “We’d be nothing without the fans”
9 “There’s nothing else on TV quite like it”
10 “That’s actually interesting, scurrilous thing I just told you about the show’s star… that’s off the record.”

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